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Wolfowitz in Bangladesh

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posted on Aug, 22 2005 @ 03:44 AM

Dhaka, Sunday August 21, 2005 - World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz wrapped up his first visit to South Asia as President of the World Bank with a stop in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

On arrival he had words of appreciation for the South Asian country: "I have heard some remarkable stories of success from Bangladesh – especially successes in the areas of girls' education and women’s empowerment. I hope to meet some of the citizens who represent this progress during my visit, albeit a short one.",00.html

So as his first order of duty in South Asia as WB president he checks up on Bangladesh to see how the allocated $300 million is being spent on health care services. This happens just days after a series of over 100 bombs went off across Bangladesh. He sure is showing some brass as it is men like himself, the perceived evil capitalist banker, who are the object of affection for every radical Islamic terrorist.

Let's see what he said:

Later, following a meeting with Finance Minister M. Saifur Rahman, Wolfowitz said, "If Bangladesh could reduce corruption and remove confrontational politics, the country could achieve up to 8 percent economic growth."

"The path to nationwide poverty reduction is not easy. But much more will be accomplished if all Bangladeshis can unite for the common purpose of the poorest people of this country," the World Bank chief told reporters after meeting Saifur.

Over the past several years Bangladesh has been a source of corruption which has seemed to fade but still in existence. Since the early 90's WB has expressed desire to fund forestry operations in Western Bengal, India. Currently Bangladesh is trying to drive Islamic rebels across the Bangladesh/Inian border into all places, Bengal. It'd be tough chopping down trees occupied by rebels with Kalishnikov's.

Some have gone as far as claiming the government uses the bombings as means to achieve alternative agendas against such rebel groups. Meh...

posted on Aug, 22 2005 @ 05:56 AM
Islamic groups in Bangladesh accuse "Indian terrorists" and the CIA for being behind the recent bomb attacks..

They say that the islamic brethren did not have the capability to set of 400 explosion in under one hour..

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