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posted on Aug, 20 2005 @ 05:45 PM
If you haven't read my thread in BB&Q please do so now...

This forum is NOT a political debate forum. It is NOT a place for anyone to attempt to get their party's agenda pushed forward.

As of right now the Moderators are under orders to STRICTLY ENFORCE the new "Code of Ethical Posting" outlined in the above captioned thread.

This forum IS for the DISCUSSION of the war on terror, the North Korean/Iran situation, the war in Iraq from a Conspiratorial perspective.

Naturally politics plays a huge roll in warfare and it's expected to come up in these conversations, that's FINE what will NOT be tolerated are one liner snipes (as illustrated in the above captioned post), threads with no other purpose than to bait another member(s) into a flame war, or the VERY TIRED party arguments and Liberal versus Conservative GARBAGE.

If you read your post and it isn't ON TOPIC don't post it. If you start a new thread and it doesn't do anything but spew YOUR political agenda/stance or criticize the political agenda/stance to which you are opposed DON'T post it.

Seriously, this should be the MOST FERTILE ground on the Conspiracy Ranch folks, let's get back to basics and do the research, and COLLABERATE instead of IRRITATE.

EDIT ADDED 02/19/2006: is NOT the place for parroting the ignorant hate speech spewed on TV and talk radio.

The dynamics involved, cultural, political, propaganda, agendas as diverse and opposed as any in Human history are WAY TOO COMPLEX to cast in the typically simplistic perspective (required for the mental abilities of the intended audience) of ludicrous hate speech or religious/cultural group bashing.

"Broad Brush Bashing" is the epitome of IGNORANCE. I don't care which brand you buy into, it's simply stupid beyond belief. To state "(enter name of group you hate) is totally to blame and EVERYONE who is part of this group is a dastardly dog" simply illustrates the utter blind ignorance of those who scream it.

Stating that all Muslims are terrorists is as stupid as saying all Caucasians are card carrying klansmen.

Let's, as a community, try to police ourselves in this regard. If you see anyone spewing this and poluting our online neighborhood with it please hit the Suggestions button.

Staff will respond to first time offenders with a U2U informing the member that we don't play that game here. "Known Spewers" are on notice that their posting privileges are at risk if they continue.


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posted on Apr, 11 2006 @ 11:36 AM
This thread's "message" is in effect again until further notice. PLEASE get with the program and STOP the petty name calling "personality focus" instead of issue focus.

STRICT Terms and Conditions of Use Enforcement is in place until further notice.

One warn in this forum is all you get. A post ban will be initiated on the next breach of the TAC no addtional warnings will be issued.

Partner,, LLP


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