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NEWS: Japan Plans To Market 3D Television by 2020

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posted on Aug, 20 2005 @ 04:38 PM
The technology savants in Japan are at it again. This time, they're working on a fully holographic television that would enable viewers to not only view images in 3D, but also to smell and feel the locations on the television. The Japanese are promoting this concept as "Universal Communication" in which viewers would be able to see and experience the world regardless of location of language.
While companies, universities and research institutes around the world have made some progress on reproducing 3D images suitable for TV, developing the technologies to create the sensations of touch and smell could prove the most challenging, Takeuchi said in an interview with Reuters.

Researchers are looking into ultrasound, electric stimulation and wind pressure as potential technologies for touch.

Such a TV would have a wide range of potential uses.

It could be used in home-shopping programs, allowing viewers to "feel" a handbag before placing their order, or in the medical industry, enabling doctors to view or even perform simulated surgery on 3D images of someone's heart.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

This would certainly be a welcome advance in media technology. Long has something of this nature been one of the defining concepts in sci-fi, and a television like this could help to demonstrate that there really are no limits to the creativity of the human mind.

One thing that I can forsee as being a possible problem is, depending on the means of sensory stimulation used to communicate touch and smell, there could be potential for injuries or possibly even death. If the images are real enough to make a viewer believe he is actually there, then what's to say that the holographic bullet that just hit him in the chest, that he felt as though it were real, wouldn't actually convince his mind of real damage, and thus go into a state of shock?

I'm sure safeguards such as these are being looked into, and there's plenty of time for development (15 years until the scheduled release date).

Very cool technology, though, and one I would love to experience.

posted on Aug, 20 2005 @ 04:43 PM
16 years from now you are watchign an action movie on tv. When all of a sudden a bullet is fired in your direction. You actually feel yourself getting shot and your body goes into shock. Courtesy of a hacker somewhere in a dark room.

Imagine using this for video games.... total immersion!

posted on Aug, 20 2005 @ 05:10 PM
Hmmmm. This has really gotten me to thinking, but since you already know what it is that I'm thinking, I'm not going to say what it is that I'm really thinking.

posted on Aug, 20 2005 @ 11:36 PM
Grady, trust me.... *that* has also crossed my mind as well. First it was a lifelike woman robot, now 3D TV with sensory enhancements..... Someone needs to take their oysters away!

posted on Aug, 20 2005 @ 11:46 PM
When they started coming out with that High Definition (HDTV ) I said I'd have to get one. I haven't yet. Maybe I better wait for 3DTV.
Actually, I hope it looks better than what is shown in theaters with those two-toned red and blue glasses that you have to wear.

posted on Aug, 20 2005 @ 11:50 PM
I doubt anyone will die due to this technology. Maybe enduce epileptic seizures but that's about it. As for it's Sensory system, I doubt it will be anything more then advanced force feedback deliberately underpowered so as to avoid injury. However if it's used in conjunction with say neural stimulation, then maybe. There are too many unknowns at this point really.

posted on Aug, 21 2005 @ 12:02 AM
Grady, are you thinking of beer commercials again?

posted on Aug, 21 2005 @ 01:06 AM
*five days after launch the pornographic movie industry grows twofold!*

I can see the fun in video games. Just think, my friends would have a reason not to let me frag them in FPS's. Or just think of the Halo 10 parties! Those would be awesome.

Hmm.... now this has got me thinking. What if I could make my own movie. Zombie movies would never be the same!

posted on Aug, 21 2005 @ 08:25 AM

Originally posted by sardion2000
I doubt anyone will die due to this technology.

Voodoo Death.
In the first few years after the introduction of 3DTV, companies will compete with each other to create the most convincing 3D environment possible. If enough time is spent in this environment the human mind will start believing it's real. This technology, if advanced enough, will definitely kill people.

posted on Aug, 21 2005 @ 11:57 AM
a new way to bring emotion into propaganda...imagine the adverts, news etc and forget about games and porn

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