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Police Chief Accused Of Dealing Drugs

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posted on Aug, 20 2005 @ 05:37 AM
LUTCHER, La. -- Lutcher Police Chief Corey Pittman was arrested by federal drug agents Wednesday on drug-dealing charges.

The Drug Enforcement Agency said an undercover drug operation has been ongoing for the past three months, during which time undercover agents allegedly bought drugs from Pittman on five different occasions.

The DEA said the sales of crack coc aine and the prescription painkiller hydrocodone netted Pittman $5,200.

Following Pittman's arrest, the DEA, FBI and local agents searched his office. Inside, file cabinets were still pulled open, and the only evidence of the chief was his picture on a bookshelf.


Police CHIEF dealing Drugs, dealing crack coc aine?

Very Nice.

One Resident said like this:

"I think it's dirty, because people we looking up to to protect and serve us, they going out and selling the dope!"

...and I Agree with him 100%!

Even if it was just 5200$ worth of Drugs, makes you wonder how the Trail of Money leads to Big Fish, such as Police Chiefs and other Officials that are "supposed" to be in WAR on DRUGS - not selling them.

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