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U.K ID Cards could be Used for Mass Surveillance System, Warn MP's. (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Aug, 19 2005 @ 09:38 AM
Even though this Idea had been circulating before the Queens speech at the state opening of Parliament on May 17th, for quite some time, MP's are warning again that completely innocent people, who may have never even committed a crime could be "electronically monitored" without their knowledge. The "mass public surveillance" system, which consists of the Biometric facial scans, iris scans and fingerprints of all adults in the UK being collected and stored on a huge Database, for the purposes of Cross-referencing, should be operational by December 2006, according to the home secretary, Charles Clarke.
The Government is creating a system of "mass public surveillance" capable of tracking every adult in Britain without their consent, MPs say. They warn that people who have never committed a crime can be "electronically monitored" without their knowledge.

Biometric facial scans, which will be compulsory with ID cards, are to be put on a national database which can then be matched with images from CCTV. The database of faces will enable police and security services to track individuals regardless of whether they have broken the law.

CCTV surveillance footage from streets, shops and even shopping centres could be cross-referenced with photographs of every adult in the UK once the ID cards Bill becomes law. Biometric facial scans, iris scans and fingerprints of all adults in the UK will be stored on a national database. Civil liberties groups say the plans are a "dangerous" threat to people's privacy.

Charles Clarke, the Home Secretary, has said that the "facial images national database should be operational by December 2006".

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I do not like the sound of this at all, in fact, I would go as far as to say I downright despise the sound of this, there are already RFID tags going into all new Vehicles, and GPS type devices in some, which enable you to be tracked pretty much everywhere you go, in a World already infested with Cameras! Not too mention the Governments proposed plan for an outrageously expensive Road taxing plan, which could be as high as £1.36 a mile in places, and which you are automatically billed for, but these Biometric I.D cards are really taking the biscuit, and a great deal of our Liberty, and to top it off, we have to pay for the Privilege out of our own pockets!!!

Fellow People of Great Britain, please say no to this outrage and help fight this Legislation!! We are not all criminals, or Terrorists, so why should we mindlessly stand here and let them Tag us like we are?? Oh, that's right, yes indeed, I forgot what a "Terrorist" attack can do too sway Public opinion on such a wide range of matters....

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