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Star Trek - 29th Century Series (Pictures)

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posted on Aug, 19 2005 @ 09:26 AM
Ok so after the cancellation of "Star Trek - Enterprise", Paramount states that they were going to take a two or three year break from the franchise. When they return to it they hope to revamp it aswell as regain the values of the previous Star Trek Series' that "Enterprise" sadly lacked in many peoples minds.

SO! Here are several , quick sketches that I have done for a series pitch, sometime in the future. Feel free to tell me what you think!

while you are free to look at these designs, (with the exception of the last picture that i am including with permission) proffesional versions I have done are being sent off with the rest of a pitch, basically all i mean is dont take credit for these, dont present them as your own etc. enjoy!

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posted on Aug, 30 2005 @ 02:02 AM
not bad, not bad at's very clear that you put alot of thought and creativity into this. i for one am VERY impressed. i'm a trek fan myself, voyagers my fav. but anyways, i love what you've done here. koodos to ya. good luck, i hope that some of those are taken into consideration by the higher ups.

posted on Aug, 30 2005 @ 07:26 PM
-Pilot- (very very very very very rough)

Panning briskly over the ocean, actors names fade in and out, slow tinkley music (more edgey, but classic, futuristic star trek spin off theme). White cliffs of dover come into view as more orchestral music comes into place.

A large group of people in informal clothing stand next to and around tables chairs etc. Humdrum.

A synthetic, highpitched. rhythmic "ding" is heard and all turn to face a man on a small raised platform. He is middle-aged, smug and wearing something reminiscent of a hawaiian shirt. Quieting......

Captain "X": Admirals, dear friends, allies....on the quest for knowledge, mankind along with countless other races has had to endure extreme hardships; prejudice, discrimination, hatred. Many a time has there been when life is faced with utter annihilation against all odds....

the speech is unimportant but it goes on like this in the background, getting progressively more egotistical.

there are a few mini-scenes with Leiutenant Ducane and other main characters, when all of a sudden there is a small rumble and a significant metallic groan. All goes silent as everyone listens. Captain "X" taps in for Ops.

Cptn X: Ops. this is capt- AARRGH!!!

Before he can get a sentence out there is a huge metallic crunch as the ceiling explodes, revealing the holodeck, splitting and exploding into thousands of pieces. Some kind of engine of fusalage slammed through the ceiling right on top of Cptn "X" and a few other people.......and continues straight through the floor.

In seconds people fly into the air due to the drop in pressure. Ltnt. Ducane shouts
EMERGENCY SHIELDS! as he flies through the gaping hole.

Ducane slams against his site-to-site transport and disappears as the computer utters that emergency shields are offline. others do the same but some do not manage in time.

Ducane materializes on Ops to find it almost completely destroyed.

Ltnt. Ducane: (to unnamed officer) What happened here?!

UO: I......we....we dont know?! it just..........Everybody's dead.........They just told prepare for annhilation.

Deep Voice: COMMANDER..............DUCANE..........

The main computer is still on as it is holographic. Ducane stands up tall and turns

Ltnt Ducane: Speaking. How do you know-

The screen flickers and changes to deep space 5. Deep Space 9. More holoscreens appear, showing starfleets farthest reaching points in the galaxy.

Alien: Mankind was never meant to meddle with time or something else as that line sucks ass

and one by one they begin to explode....

And the rest of the episode........well that all is set to happen within i estimate, 20 minutes. And as pilots are usually 2 hour doubles inc. Ads.......sigh.......Of course thats the really quick brief for youz guyz.

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posted on Aug, 30 2005 @ 08:51 PM
It reminds me of the episode from voyager, anyway im glad there are star trek fans like me still around. hehe.

posted on Aug, 30 2005 @ 10:15 PM
Yea sorry i didnt finish the brief and had to go out so i just wrote two mins. Anyway let me know what you think about the rough bit. I'd want it to have real shock value, you know, get everyone calm, then BAM! spit hits the fan.

posted on Aug, 30 2005 @ 10:20 PM
I gotta say, I was really pissed when they said they were cancelling star trek enterprise, since the voyager.

I've always thougha 29th century episode would be cool, not only travel through space but travel through time, the stories could be endless and constantly interesting. You have my full support.

Although your Ideas are really good, im not too big on the idea of a holographic captain. I liked the EMH in voyager good character and everything, just not to sure on the captain being a hologram, but I do think teh captain should remain human to keep the most interest.

The ship design is cool reminds me of a phaser.. or a sea animal, not sure its cool though lol.

It inspired me so much I decided todo a quick model and render:

Can you tell im bored? lol


posted on Aug, 30 2005 @ 10:44 PM
Hey i wonder if we can get enough people interested it would add emphasis to my pitch
and cool!

Um yea i wassss having my doubts about the captain. I dont think captain archer had much appeal really compared to the rest. The same goes for a holographic captain. I mean previous captains all had that special quality that he sadly lacked i think through no fault of his own, he was good, just not star trekkifull

The problem is that i cant have a captain thats,

Too much like the previous ones, old, bald, woman, black, (god that makes me sound like many things with -ist on the end
), weedy, an alien (unless he had that right spark, im not sure people would want a non human captain.

It also sucks that they killed off the borg (i'd have liked to see 29th century borg) but to be honest when they were first aired, most people pooed their panties, but voyager made them too they became not very scary......but the point is mute since theyre deadafied.

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posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 01:17 PM
I guess you could always bring back the borg, say in a time-line alteration

Yeah again I like the concept.

My dad always liked kirk being a 60's kid as he was, his least favourite was janeway.

My favourite captain was sisko, then next I'd have to say Janeway. I think the thing I like about Sisko, was he wasnt afraid to get things messy especially when it got into the last seasons of DS9 with the dominion war. Gotta say not a big fan of Picard, good actor, just don't like the character.

So a captain between kirk and sisko would be my bet.

Then you have got to have the weird guy in your series, which you have very smartly came up with Cree, who I think is a great idea for a character.

ST: Spock
TNG: Data, Guinan
DS9: Odo
VOY: Kes then seven of nine

Cree defenetly ranks up there
. I think his character though, would either have to be serious to a point were its funny, as in spock was, his lack of understanding of humans is what made him funny. Or, you make him a really easy to get on with character unlike the fixed serious character such as Odo, Picard, T'Pol , fortunatly voyager managed to get around that mistake even though it had Tuvok, but he was easy to take. And was sort of funny at points.

The doctor always seems to be a unique character too, first bones, funny as hell, crusher meh, pretty average character just the fact that she's a woman and the other doctors arnt makes it different, then bashir with his genetically enhanced brain, EMH which countless VOY episodes focused on him, very interesting character, then phlox, quirky weird intriguing. So the doctor is an important one too I guess...

but I'll stop now, or il rant on for hours about star trek, Im such a geek but hey I like star trek
, my fiance is giving me so much crap for this lol.


posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 07:45 PM
Yes I would especially enjoy seeing Cree's character develop over time.

He will generally be a very controlled character, we find he has to be as he has extraordinary abilities that, if abused, can cause some serious annihilation. but i'm wondering what to do with him:

Data was extremely childlike,
Worf was extremely proud,
Tuvok was extremely Vulcan,
Seven of Nine was extremely Compulsive obsessive.
These are the things that
made them comical when they were offended etc.

I'd want him to have a darker, hidden side to him. I have a concept for a season finale, when Larek Nar infiltrates the Immortality, kills a ton of people and attempts to destroy the ship, eg:

Sparks exploding all around. Computer's Self Destruct Sequence is playing is in the background as we see the back of Larek Nar. Ground shot of Cree, stepping into the foreground.

Cree: pointing phaser Step away from the console.

In a spaggeti-western second Larek Nar has twisted about-face, pulled out his pulse rifle and fired. Cree dodges, cat like, but the shot hits his hand, obliterating his phaser.
Larek Lunges at Cree, all four legs clattering along the metal, slamming Cree through a glass screen and both fall. Cree kicks off Larek Nar over the top of him and quickly regains his footing. So does Larek. Around this point Cree lets loose. He roars as a ripple of energy explodes forward from him, into Larek.

The fight continues through to a large vertical vent and a plasma coil explodes in Larek's face (all slowmo like
). This is where the episode draws to a close.

Computer: 3 minutes to self-destruct.

Larek reappears, seething, and grabs Cree round the neck, swinging him over the side of the vent. End with "2 minutes to self destruct" and laughter from Larek Nar.

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posted on Aug, 31 2005 @ 09:11 PM
Lastly heres something i put together. Its an initial music design (just the basic tune, no orchestra at my disposal ufortunately. Its a bit rough around the edges so to speak, ive never done much music development, i would obviously get a proffesional to do it, just try to imagine it sounding more like a cross between VOY's and DS9's theme......

Star Trek Beyond Theme - first draft

Let me know what you think about it + the whole concept

Also there arent all the characters worked out yet, so if anyone has any preference on what they'd like to see in an upcoming series........put it down if u like!

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posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 06:29 PM

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posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 11:24 PM
Thats really cool Shadow, you have it well thought, you know to get attention to it, if they simply poo poo it. Start it off as a comic strip or develope it into your own filmed series available on-line
there are alot of things you can do with it. I've been tempted in the past to begin production of a Star Trek video game as thats the industry I work in, but It's alot of time to put into it and I havn't fully researched the idea, or contacted anyone at paramount etc. Good concept's.


posted on Sep, 2 2005 @ 04:20 PM
O wow hope its a fairly fun job! Anyway yea I need to collate the pilot (being completed as we speak), small poster size, painted versions of the characters (i am a pretty good artist, A in art etc :cheers
which ive done about 3 of them so far, and notes etc before i can send it in. That'll probably be completed in about a week or so.

Ive been being very careful in the script writing not to make any inconsistencies, with it being 29th century. Of course i know they won't want to use it straight away, EVEN IF they accept my idea, as they want to leave it for a few years.
But it is a good idea to get it in now, so no one else beats me to it

I think the failing of "enterprise", among some small minor tidbits that i've heard from fans, was that it just didnt have the same values as its predecessors.

i mean

(Ok TOS was a tad cheesy but that and) mainly TNG was all about morals, upholding honour and the prime directive (Which did get a tad irritating.....:ham
and the triumph of good over evil.

DS9 had a lot of sybolism about the human spirit, also analagies of slavery, murder, predujice and other failings of man in real life.

VOY was all about the strength of the human spirit, the will to carry on and never give up against all odds. (and might i say the comedic aspect of voyager was classic

Thats the kind of thing i'd like to see the Star Trek franchise return to. The boundless morals to do what is right of TNG, the courage and friendships of DS9, and the feel good factor and humour of VOY.

And yea possibly if Paramount says they are COMPLETELY concluding the Star Trek franchise, which i find doubtful (its all about money afterall
), then i think sending it off to game producers is the next option!

I cant really put my finger on it though......maybe you can, about what was wrong or different about "Enterprise". Was it that there wasnt really a relationship, chemistry between characters like previous series', or was it just that there was no feel good factor. Not that im saying it wasnt good entertainment, oh no it was a fantastic piece of work visually and creatively, its just........for me and many wasnt the same

Ah well! Off to work on my pitch!

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posted on Sep, 2 2005 @ 07:15 PM
Yeah, you've hit the nail on the head with your analogies of the different series.

Enterprise, your right its hard exactly what to put your finger on as far as what went wrong. To be honest I didnt feel the same connection with the characters as I did with all the other series.

Probabley the character I felt the best with is phlox, I didn't really like T'pol at all and not really with Reed either.

The way it was filmed was different too, there was something clean and subtle? about the other series. Enterprise was very sharp, possibly something with the set design that I wasn't too fond of.

The actual shows were ok, what they did was rarely boring. Although some did just fall off the boring train, but TNG had that problem too and it did ok, (wesley crusher focused episodes used to drive me nuts! Still do with re-runs).

I also think Enterprise didn't really have enough of a, facinating "weird guy", like I said before, Data, Odo, kes, seven of nine. T'pol wasn't interesting enough, and phlox was only just making that impression.

I also noticed most series have a tough guy too:

TOS: kirk
TNG: Worf
DS9: Worf, and sisko at times
VOY: seven of nine, bellona torres, I guess tuvok too.
ENT: ............

I actually came up with the Idea of a 29th century series in voyagers 7th season, but I never sent anything off.

Time-travel episodes were always my most favorite! No matter what series it is, time-travel is the best. Biggest favourites gotta include, voyagers one were they get the mobile emitter, DS9 with the tribbles and another voyager one with seven of nine trying to get captain braxton.

So a series thats probabley 85%+++ based on time travel would be nice..

Star trek does have inconsistencies though, such as klingon heads, not travelling higher than warp 7 etc..

Something which would be good to write out or just forget about is "temporal psychosis".... It was a good idea for the particular espisode of voyager mentioned above, but it would ruin a series about time travel if people were constantly getting temporal psychosis, maybe you can have it present for the first series but find a cure lol. I dunno that just bugged me.

Keep writing


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posted on Sep, 2 2005 @ 07:36 PM
Some form of oddly named chemical or device that sticks to your arm, which creates a tachyon bubble to prevent temporal psychosis (
), or something with equally confusing phrases could easily be invented and introduced in like the third or fourth episode to remove this problem.

And o yes i mean im not a "trekkie" as they call them, i dont collect the merch or wear the uniforms or go to conventions, [(ok i have been to 1 when i was younger and i said ok thats it!
not that theres anything wrong with those people that do that, but i do love Star Trek, i think its on the whole, absolutely fantastic TV/film.

Anywho, i remember me and my brother look at each other and grin at the start of an episode when we realised it was a time episode. I mean its a love/hate thing with time episodes. You love them as, well, it involves travelling through time which is really cool as most times they just reck it, but OH MAN is it utterly confusing (thats the hate bit
). lol........i remember us both always at the same time going *gasp* TIME EPISODE! WOOP WOOP!!!
maybe a bit sad but who cares eh! i'll just
anyone who says so!!! heehee just kidding!

So imagine a whole series of utter brainfrying joy!

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posted on Sep, 3 2005 @ 12:59 AM
lol, nahh, Im a few years back I was the same with my dad, I used find it hillarious how he'd get angry at Janeway lol... weird man..

Yeah never been to a convention probabley because I like in the most rural places, but I do have to admit to having a few pieces of merchandise I got when I was younger.

And those arm-bands are always great things.. when the impossible is there invent an arm band [insert some big random words] problem solved
, but yeah Im the same with time episodes, they always seem to be the best, and of course the Borg!


posted on Sep, 3 2005 @ 04:58 AM
I'd also want the malevolent baddie. Not too similar to borg mind. VOY kiiiiinda had species 8472, DS9 had the dominion i think (although i didnt watch the last couple of series of DS9, im watching reruns now so i dont FULLY know about DS9). But yea you really need that malevolent, unfeeling superbaddie that sends an exciting chill down your spine. (like when the doors open to darkness, smoke billows out and the red lasers light up, you knew it was the borg, and you feared and loved it)

But i'd want it to be reeeallllly malevolent, perhaps much more than the borg, but not getting away from the Star Trek "way". If it doesnt feel "Startrekkie" enough then it could turn it the way of "enterprise".

posted on Sep, 3 2005 @ 05:14 AM
ok enterprise was great but the problem was too many star treks.

this is what star trek needs to be another great series :

-charismatic captain (i.e jean-luc picard, not william shatner

- hot space vixens (cmon guys THIS is what star trek is about)

- some sort of space backdrop

- aliens who are reminiscint of america's enemy of the week (so like klingon terrorists or something)

posted on Sep, 3 2005 @ 08:14 AM
Great ideas. Thats my thoughts exactly! i want a proper Star Trek beginning aswell!

Definately a more Picard-esque Captain, Enjoyable, not whispery and depressed like Archer.

But hey, lets not let this get into some geek conversation about who is the best captain yada yada, im not for all that

Any ideas for a style of captain? The concept of a holographic captain didnt go down well. (although perhaps there would be an occasional episode with the emergency command hologram: enter "the doctor" from Voyager, people love the inbreeding stuff

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posted on Sep, 4 2005 @ 04:42 AM

Originally posted by Shadow88
(although perhaps there would be an occasional episode with the emergency command hologram: enter "the doctor" from Voyager, people love the inbreeding stuff
[edit on 3-9-2005 by Shadow88]

Sure, that sounds like a good Idea. Gotta have "Q" aswell
, always intrigued me since it let go of all boundries and made anything possible.

Gotta half disagree with both of you, I wasn't a Picard fan untill season 4 of generations, and in the movies he was great, so Picards great just the one after season 4.


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