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China Moon Mission Missannounced by Source?

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posted on Aug, 19 2005 @ 12:28 AM
I was huntin' around for more stuff on the China Mission and it was announced in English on this site last Nov 8... here's the link

I guess CNN "news" via Reuters isn't as new as one might like. LOL

Why was this chosen to be released via this channel at this time? Hmmm.
This is old news - either they're incompetent journalists or... they wanted it in the news at this time to fulfill another purpose. You decide.

The new lunar orbiter (2 tons) is called get this "Chang'e-l" after the the "ancient legend about a fairy Chang'e who flies to the moon".

Gonna use a Long March 3 Booster... Hmmm that's quite a payload for that booster... guess they souped it up some more - with tech either Russky OEM or stolen from Boeing. Hit anywhere on this planet too.

OK... So the rover mission is 2 tons payload too with a descent module ... Composite and Ti construction with O/B "scientist"... that's still a VERY large Rover... think US lunar buggy.

Its' gonna drive around for like 3 years collecting rocks? No, no way, uh uh.
A rover weighing itself down with samples will not only tax resources at a great rate it will be dead weight - the enemy of vehicular efficiency.

No they're goin' there to do something more than rock hunt. They want something that is there that they don't have access to here and they're gonna bring whatever that is back to this planet. Whether it's info or physical it's important to them obviously. What can it be?

Lunar collected return payload transfer from the lunar rover to the return vehicle (about which the article says nada) is to put it mildly problematic for any robotic or tele-operated scenario. This ought to be interesting technology.

I congratulate them on the effort (announced last Nov 8th) but now I am even more interested and somewhat wary. The mission plan doesn't make enough sense as stated to return some rocks - that America says are largley unremarkable - rocks.

We don't have the whole story here - we have the "hole" story.
Thanks Reuters via CNN - Not.


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