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Iraq isnt the begining of WW3, it simply created the door that Iran will open.

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posted on Aug, 18 2005 @ 10:19 PM
there's been MUCH talk about IRAN being the next target on Bush&Co's corporate list...

It seems to me more and more that IRAN is playing straight into the hands of the Americans.

Iran and the BOMB.. doesnt really pose any threat to the AMERICAN Homeland..
But it does pose a EXTREME Threat to the American Military and Defense.

Why would Iran load a warhead on its missle and launch it at America, knowing fullwell the chances of it hitting seabord is veryvery slim..
When they can load it in the back of their Beamer and drive it all the way to the American Middleast Capital.. known as the 'Greenzone'

I mean they are already sending in Bombs, and fighters to interfere.. why not eliminate the American Presence in Iraq and have the entire middleast BACK you..?

Could this be the great antichrist? someone that the middleast follows after they become the only power to remove the infidels from the holy land?

I for one done believe in the antichrist. I believe mankind has no destiny and no fate.. everything is decided on the day and for the day, and if one man choses to go down in history as a mad man who murdered and nuked a invading army on holy grounds?... whos really got the power to stop him.

He's damned is he does, damned if he doesnt..
Well atleast its looking that way. Considering the West placed its crosshairs on Iran from the get go..

Wouldnt you rather go down in history as a man seen in the middleast as the only power capable of removing the enemy?....
The entire world at the moment is wound up tight like a spring...

Israel and the Gaza pullout
NK And its Nuclear stock.
Iran and its nuclear program started backup.
The American Economy.
China and Taiwan
The constant barrage of Terrorist attacks the world seems to wake up daily to.

I cant remember a time, in my life where so many world powers have been so close to conflict, especially when the worlds superpower wont be able to handle the situation.

previous conflicts always had the advatage that in one way or another.. the conflict would end.. simply becuase if it got TOO outta hand the world superpower/police would step in and decide whats best..

What will we do, when the worlds supwerpower is soo bogged down in its own demise that rogue nations realise there's no one out there to stop them claiming what they think is theres...

Iran have already proved they are capable of hitting the Americans without ANY reaction against them selves..
Why is this so?
Because America knows if it hits IRan in retaliation... there goes teh ENTIRE ball game..
They cant handle fighting the IRAQI insurgents and the IRANIAN army..
America will crumble. Conscription will be implemented and the world police will be shut down, boom world war 3.

I never believed that IRAQ would be the Begining of world war 3 , but i do believe it has opened the door and created an extremely viable option for it to start..

any opinions?

posted on Aug, 18 2005 @ 10:42 PM

I just heard a guy talking about increased intel coming to commanders in Iraq that suggests that a large strike is being planned on the green zone. Maybe this will be the reason to go into Iran.

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