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posted on Aug, 18 2005 @ 10:05 AM
I am not to sure where this should or could go.

Every once in awhile when I log on to this page, I always try to think of somthing good to post. I usually want to comment on other posts, but say to myself..."Ah *ell with it". I would love to come on here and conjure up and explanation for any of the many discussed theories and topics here, just nothing ever comes to mind.

Well this post will have both questions and some possible answers to what I'm thinking about.

When we look at our world today there are many many things going on in it, we as people understand and are capable of so much. On the other hand, theres maybe even more things that we may not yet concieved or questioned.

We seem to follow history over and over again, maybe they should start teaching "future" classes along with history. We as a human race have to learn to "think outside the box" if we are going to be successful for much longer. I for one have to question our forms of government that we as people are aware of. I cant tell you how things work and what needs to be in place for "all this" to work smoothly.
How many different forms of government are there anyway? I cant help but use Iraq as an example. It seems to be a difficult task forming a government where you have so many people with different beliefs and what have you.
How can another government govern what they will choose? Isnt there anyone capable of inventing some new way of governing a country? I'm sure this all comes down to simple leadership options, or if you look back at how the earliest civilisations invented their forms of government. When did this happen and why cant we try to do it again? We just accept what we use, wich just seems like a big argument.

How would one go about persuing a better form of governing a large civilisation? lol do you write to a congressmen? It just doesnt seem possible because we are old and set in our ways?

The only thing I can come up with is basically what the united states was meant to be.

--- By the People, for the People! --- (or somthing along those lines)

Imagine a body called "The President State" (yes i am american)

But who knows...for all we know maybe there is a better way than having a land divided by so many different law variations and so forth.

Basically this President State would simple be a state where every citizen would be The President!

there could be a Congress State etc etc.

Anyone could say im moving and am going to be President. It wouldnt pay would still have to earn a living elsewhere. The idea would be that... individials are too opinionated. Millions of people should not have to rely on a handful of minds to make important decisions.
We all have probably the same percentage of chances to make mistakes, why do we have a system that leaves this to such a small number of individuals?

I can only imagine what technologies we could use that would aid in a new form of government.
A new and improved way to poll the masses in seconds, everyone casts a vote for anything important!
I know im missing alot here, maybe take action against large corporations, kindly aid them in downsizing there productions to a more local setting. The whole theory would be that a new system would work better for everyone and most people would see the big picture...whatever it may be.
It would be a form of NWO or somthing because it would have to appeal to the rest of the world not just one country. It would have to end conflicts and globalize a common goal for our race despite all of our differences. This I think in general is the only way out of the rut we are in.

Im starting to draw a blank and maybe should bring this to a close.

I dont know how this will sound to some of you, maybe "far out there" "stupid"..or more logically impossible. Just a thought that this site provoked in my brain.
I m sure you all get my point and maybe some of you will add your own thoughts to what im expressing.

thanks for listening hope you enjoyed!

posted on Aug, 18 2005 @ 10:37 AM
Hey Mailman it's a good point you raise! As long as we continue along the lines of the Ancient Greek 'democracy-that-really-isn't-but-is-governed-by-long-term-corporate-military-interests' then I think we're in trouble.

There's a lot of talk about current events leading to the creation (by iron fist) of a one world government. Obviously this has it's pros and cons depending on the form of government this takes.

In the past we've been ruled by Religion (and that has pretty much proven itself to be always bloody both inwardly and outwardly). Then there has been rule by tribe or by nation - which is equally flawed. Then there is that weird situation of having both like Israel where a religion is given it's own state. This whole idea of nationality by identity just doesn't work and fragments. You could have a nation of christians splitting down into protestant and catholic, then white protestants over here! non-white protestants over there etc... etc... and we end up with the endless factionalism we have now which is exploited over and over and often both sides at the same time.

Monarchy didn't work too well either.

Logically I used to think we're moving to governance by corporation as the existing political landscape is funded on all sides by their special interest groups. It's a win / win for the corporation but makes the existing setup somewhat redundant. Corporate governance however rather fills me with dread. Corporations are already global and have more money than some / many nations.

so where do we go from here? It would be interesting to see what kinds of manifestos can be created for alternate governance.

Off the bat I would say the biggest humane issue is that of population. Depopulation is becoming a viable foreign policy. Give people ownership in their lives and get some serious space colonisation underway before we all either end up like battery hens or start fighting for 'Liebensraum' and we know what happens then.


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