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hi, ? about my back yard, this year all my trees and plants, have been blooming lik mad...

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posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 07:47 PM
and abunch of them , never have ever bloomed before, the peolple who
own the house just shake there head , as to why this year they are all like trying
get our attention or something.
i have been here for 6 years, nd all i have done is weed alittle and water alittle,
but this year there is a water ban and and i was not around to weed alot, but it got done late,
this is i read alot of books that say plants trees, and flowers can feel thing like other living
eveyone is in agreey ment athat it has been , weird year for plants, and yards, ,
the ? really have any of you been haveing weird thing happen to your yards?
i am wondering, if the yard plants are tring to make me pay attention to them,
with all the doom and gloom this year do you think the they would be trying to tells us
something or try to get there seeds/ flowers out before the end of the world or ww3 or something ?
i have read where people talk about paranormal stuff happing to plants but i never saw it myself intell
now, it's just an old rose should not be having new blooms, i mean it's really old like from the 50' or 40', s, all so anyway hoe would a plant get you to pay attention to it?
could i please only have real peeps who info post please,
this is not for bts, i belive my yard plants, are worryed and are really do weird things, now,
any links to books or exp you have had please post thank yo

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 08:18 PM
I am no expert but here is my input anyway. You said you are in a drought(the waterban), which means your plants are feeling the stress from that and when a plant feels stress they tend to try to reproduce, flowers of course is how flowering plants fertilize and all the flowers you see are in response to the stress caused by the drought. Basically all of the plants energy is going to making flowers and the little water you have been giving them is all they need.

posted on Aug, 16 2005 @ 01:26 AM
i guess there is nothing parinormal about how , humans and plants
interact, there fore Gazz moved this here, where everyone who is on BTS,
won't even look at it,
it would be nice if you guys would read the thread be fore you move it.
1]plant life on our earth, out numbers humans massively, so it could
be sene as a leading life form onthe planit, most of the time people
over look trees plants and such, because they don't think of them as alife from,
2] where as we and plants are diff lifeform, ignoring that they are here with
us on earth is a mistake, not all humans, that are here have any kind of common sense
or show singhs of intell , where some plantas though slow , seem to show sight ,
wich people are starting find out, of intell and comunications with each other.
3] i was just wondering of you here who send real time in your yards, or in a
"green space", have you seen anything weird?

please posr real stuff where as this got moved to BTS, i was not making fun of this stuff,
and was hoping that some peeps would be normal enuff to under stand.

posted on Aug, 16 2005 @ 01:55 AM
was not intended for bts,
please delete, unless you wind up
puting it back in ats.
thank you,

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