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Are UFOs aware we can see them?

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posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 04:56 PM
I posted this question on my last thread, but it was kind of irrelevant to what my post was about.
But like Ive said before, my knowledge of UFOs and 'aliens' is basic.....
What I wanted to know was.....
Are UFOs aware when they have been spotted?
Can they camo themselves?

My bf has a theory that they tend to try and blend in with the night sky so theyre not very visible.

The reason I ask this is.....
A couple of nights ago my bf and I saw this strange bright light in the sky...he said it was a 'UFO' and I said it was a plane....
It hovered in the sky and didnt move....
We watched it for half an hour.
But then my bf started flashing his car lights towards it....
Out of nowhere a pulsating red light approached it from the right...
I said to my bf 'hey check it out..that plane is going right towards it
But as the red light got close to it, the red light started heading towards us at an incredible then turned into two huge head lights....
Now I know everyone is thinking that its a plane...but what struck me as odd was the fact that in a matter of seconds it was almost in above us and the fact it was silent....
Ive been in a plane so many times, I have seen planes so many times and I know for a fact that planes arent the quietest thing on the Earth when flying low....

The next part is what has led me to ask this question.....
Unfortunately there was a tree in front of us..and the headlights were coming towards us pretty damn bf told me to get his brother to be a third witness to this.....
I ran in and came out with his brother to see it do a sharpe left turn behind the tree and 'appear to be a plane' (a pretty damn silent one)...
My bf kept saying that 'it was a decoy' to distract us from the massive one..
which had disappeared while all this was going on.....
The 'thing' that came towards us did a total u turn and went back to where it had come from in the beginning just to disappear.....

Before anyone we are not drug users....

I am a logical person..I run all the logical explanations in my head before I make a decision....Im still on the fence about this one (I guess its the fear of knowing theres more to this life than what we already know)
UFOs have never been a thing for me...didnt really find it of any interest even though I saw one when I was 12...
Its been a weird week here in Melbourne!

I guess Im in denial about the whole subject

Anyone with any words of wisdom?

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 10:03 PM
There is one I have on video from a documentary, where the disc while being video'd went into the clouds, reversed and came out of the clouds, then reversed again and went back into the clouds then out again.

I had the feeling watching the disc it knew someone was watching - but I don't know for sure. In the fall I'll include the shot once I transfer analog Vid to digital and can upload to our site.


posted on Aug, 16 2005 @ 03:47 AM
Nice experience you got there, welcome too.
I have a couple of threads on UFO camouflage, search my name and you'll find 'em. Hope they'll give you some insight.

posted on Aug, 16 2005 @ 04:09 AM
When I was in the army back in the 90's I took the ferry one night, I saw a white light perhaps 300 meters away and maybe 50 meters above a road, it kept the same speed as the ferry basically. It might have been a helicopter, but I saw no red light like helicopters usually have, just a single white light. Here is the interesting part; the road did not have much trafic, perhaps one car passed under the light every 1 minute or something like that, all cars came head on towards the object. Every time a car was like 50-100 meters in front of the light, it shut down, making it impossible to see, when the car had passed underneath it it turned the light back on again, think I saw like three cars that passed underneath it before I lost view of it.

posted on Aug, 16 2005 @ 02:35 PM
I would not be at all surprised if UFOs know they are being watched, after all, whether they are man made or alien, because either way they are very advanced. Also could aliens not have Extra sensory perception, after all they could/are be completely different to us

posted on Aug, 16 2005 @ 03:26 PM
I think they are aware they are spotted sometimes but I doubt they are aware of each and every individual person that spots them. They probably don't care whether they are seen or not, they don't seem to care at least.

posted on Aug, 16 2005 @ 05:45 PM
Perhaps they are euqiped with vry high resolution cameras that is connected to computers, these computers scans the surrondings for people looking at it and alerts the crew if it is the case so that the crew can take evasive action. It is very plausible and could be made with todays technologies even

posted on Aug, 16 2005 @ 08:04 PM
Thanks for the welcome Drexon...Ive enjoyed reading through all the threads in these forums!

We saw the light again two nights ago.....
We sat in the driveway...and I said to my bf...lets chase it!
So we got into our mr2 and started speeding down the country road......
As we went over a hill....we noticed that we were getting real close to it....
Now the next part was unbelievable.....
I noticed that the 'bright light' had two aeroplanes coming from the left and right.....I said to my bf the planes will definitely see it....
But as I went to film what we were seeing the planes got closer to it...
Then as if someone flicked off the switch the bright light disappeared in front of our eyes....I didnt get to film the damn thing either....

Now if people think Im loopy..then thats fine....
Im not here to sway anyones opinion....Im just here to learn more about this phenomena and to tell others whom are interested about what I have witnessed.

Thanks for the help guys/girls! Much appreciated

posted on Aug, 16 2005 @ 08:26 PM
By the way.....has anyone heard of bending headlights?
I am currently researching UFO sightings in Australia......and I came across this very interesting collection of sightings which claimed the life of a young mechanic.
Anyone heard about this?

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