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That baby cant fly!!!!

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posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 03:18 PM

That baby can't fly: Infants with terrorists' names on no-fly list
Mon Aug 15 2005 14:33:22 ET

At least 14 infants have been stopped from boarding planes in the U.S. -- because their names are the same orsimilar to possible terrorists on the government's no-flylist!

It sounds like a joke, but it's not funny to parents who miss flights while scrambling to have babies' passports andother documents faxed.

The AP is planning to detail later on Monday, wire sources tell DRUDGE.


I knew those babies were up to no good. They're in disguise
How ridiculous!

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 03:23 PM
Damn those tiny terrorists!!!
There again, a bit of diaper seepage in an enclosed place like an aircraft cabin could be catastrophic

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 03:25 PM
thats why its better not to name yer baby after Osama bin laden just because it inspires u for the attacks on 9/11. better to watch out for Osamas. future Osamas.

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 03:29 PM
Look to the left; the borders are wide open.
Look to the right; All citizens and Non-citizens including babies are suspect.

Call me crazy and schitzo but whats wrong with this picture?

I cant take it anymore. I'm going insane.
Where is the sanity?

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 03:31 PM
Don't worry dgtempe, you can't be insane.....yet... as you can still perceive the insanity around you

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 03:49 PM
I think the lesson here is don't name your child Osama Bin Laden or any other terror list named individual, like Cat Stevens for example.

posted on Aug, 15 2005 @ 05:23 PM
No child is safe!!! I don't know if anyone remembers, but around early June of this year, Fox News, was running a story like this: "Are your children's school lunches safe? Recent reports say Al Qaeda are targeting school dinners!" I think this is also ridiculous, but it is just another example of fear mongering

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