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My Life Experiences (Please Read!)

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posted on Aug, 14 2005 @ 04:39 AM
I know these the following things have happened. I just don't know if they tie together or if I just creep myself out. This is broken up into the places I've lived (in chronological order). I've read that people with native american blood in them are those who have the most experiences like this. I don't know if it's true but for the record I have some small amount of Blackfoot in me (1/16 or something). Since I have such a small amount in me, none of it shows in my skin color. Also, sorry if some of this is confusing, I'm just typing it up as the memories surface.

When I was very young (birth-age 6) me and my mother lived in an apartment complex on the bad side of town. I had my own room down the (very short) hall from her. As early as I can remember, I was afraid of going to bed alone. I would constantly wake up to something grabbing my feet and I would jerk out of bed and run to sleep with my mother. I developed sleep walking around the age of 5 and I was darn good at it; I could pee in my sleep! (in the bathroom, of course) I don't know what that has to do with anything but I figured I'd include everything I could. Anyway, I would constantly have dreams about being in these weird places and having something watching me from a distance as well as nightmares about being chased by something and being stalked as prey. I would also have dreams about something finding me in my own home, slowly and deliberately walking down the hall. I hated them but at least they were dreams, right? Some nights I would wake up completely wrapped up in my blankets and being a little clostrophobic, it scared the crap out of me. I have no idea how I could have wrapped myself up that tight in my sleep.

Around age 7 (right when I started 1st grade) we moved all the way across town from the bad side to the long, empty highway between 2 towns. It was a nice change from the scary apartments but the trailer we moved to scared me too. One night a few months later, I hung a cross that I had made on the wall and left the room. As I closed the door I heard a loud crash and didn't go back to inspect for a while because the room scared the hell out of me anyway. When I went back later I noticed that the cross was all the way across the room on the floor, broken in half. I also felt like something was watching me but I got that feeling every time I was in there. I tried to go in that room as little as possible and I still slept in my mother's room alot. The hallway to that trailer was unreal. I would sometimes hear things and whenever I would walk down it, I felt like I was being chased. One day when I was playing outside with a friend, I dropped a small chair on the ground and heard some kind of a sonic boom sound from behind me in the hills. I asked my friend if he heard it too and he did but we didn't see anything. I slept in the living room alot. It's where the tv was so BONUS! One night after I had fallen asleep in the living room, I woke up and couldn't move, something was hurting me really badly but I couldn't open my eyes or anything. When I woke up my kitty was licking me like he was worried about me. Long after we moved out of the trailer, my mother told me she had once seen a red glowing light slowly moving around the living room (one night when I wasn't in the living room) that scared her. I was also still having dreams. Not as many nightmares as I once had but still some of the oddest dreams ever. They pretty much were about UFO's, aliens, and strange worlds. Then, one day when I was around 11 or 12 the dreams just stopped. No dreams, no nightmares, nothing. I also couldn't remember anything that had happened to me in life. I knew some small details but for the most part I couldn't remember anything important from my life. I became a very bitter and angry person and an outcast in school with horrible grades. Then when I was 15, we moved again.

We moved back into town with my grandmother and great grandmother in a beautiful little house in the nice but not rich part of town. My grandma and grandpa were getting a divorce so we were moving in with grandma to give financial support. For the most part, things were good. I covered the windows with blankets because I wasn't used to all of the light that the city had to offer. There was nothing about the house that creeped me out besides my great grandmothers inbred miniature schnauzer. That little dog was evil and horribly tempered but at least I could avoid the dog. School started going a little better for me but I was still getting bad grades. It was hard for me to remember and retain things. One night when I was really tired there was this really bright blueish white light shining through my window. It bugged me so I turned around and went back to sleep. The next morning I thought about it and realized that it couldn't have been coming through the window, I put blankets over the window! The blankets were still up there and there was a house 5 feet from my window and the neighbors broken down truck in between that. Besides, why would somebody be shining a light into my window anyway? Living at the house only lasted about a year and a half. All of a sudden we couldn't make the mortgage payments and we, once again (in my senior year of high school no less), had to move.

We moved to another trailer even further out in the middle of nowhere. Well, not quite nowhere. It's by a landfill! (oh joy) 30 minutes drive to anywhere you wanna go! I got a job at the local theater and moved my way up in the ranks. I was all the way up to head projection when weird things started happening at work. All of the higher up projectionists said the place was haunted but I didn't really believe the stories. One late night when I was upstairs putting a movie together, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It HAD to have been a person so I walked over to the area and as I walked past the stair well I felt the whole upstairs shake and heard something coming from the stair well. I called my girlfriend at the time and asked her to come keep me company, telling her nothing about what I saw or heard. I waited downstairs for her, too scared to go back up alone. When she got there we went upstairs and immediately she told me she was hearing things. I told her to just ignore it. I quickly finished making up a movie and breaking down a movie and we rushed out of there. Outside the building she told me she didn't wanna make up movies with me anymore, that she saw and heard things. I told her I understood and that I heard and saw things too. Coincidence? Anyway, it's not that bad out here. I've since dropped out of high school but got my GED through the college I'll be attending this fall. One night out of the blue a few months ago I started really fearing death. Now I've already been through this "what is after death?" and teenage angst stuff. I've accepted the end but this was something else. It would make me sick to my stomach and I was afraid to sleep. Not just to sleep alone or anything but just to sleep at all. I had that feeling up until I switched jobs. I don't sleep at night anymore, which might have helped me. Instead, I work at night and sleep only when I'm dead tired.

So that's my life. I've had some experiences that have really affected me. Is it a mix of hauntings and alien encounters or are there rational reasons for all of this? I'd also like to add that I have a strange air bubble type thing on my left leg on the lower left part of my shin. I've woken up at various times with strange scars on all parts of my body, especially my shoulders. Some have stayed, some have vanished. Thanks for taking the time to read all of this, I hope it wasn't boring.

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posted on Aug, 14 2005 @ 04:55 AM

I'd also like to add that I have a strange air bubble type thing on my left leg on the lower left part of

my shin.

Hey ! I have the exact same thing ! And have wondered from time to time what that is?

posted on Aug, 14 2005 @ 05:03 AM
Hey, these airbubbles...

I don't believe there is any significance, but i have the same thing on both legs in the same place. Had them for years. Would love to know the cause

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posted on Aug, 14 2005 @ 05:17 AM
Without knowing for sure , I'm guessing its an artery or vein that I just don't have in the same place or at all on the right leg.

posted on Aug, 14 2005 @ 06:21 AM

Interesting life story. You seem to have lived an awful lot for your young age and seem to be smart despite your bad experiences with school. Luckily there are other avenues then the usual public education system and I'm glad you are getting your GED and furthering your education as that will open up more doors for you in the long run.

I am concerned however with your lack of sleep. May I ask if this is because you fear something will happen while you are sleeping? How long haven't you been sleeping? I must say that this seems to do more damage in the long run causing both physical and mental illness. I hope you are at least training yourself to sleep in small doses and not completely forcing yourself to stay awake. I am not a sleep expert but I can tell you that not only can sleeplessness cause a major bout of depression, but all manner of maladies including obesity, aging, possibly some forms of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Aside from these you could be looking at slower brain response, inability to be coherent (language skills) behavioural problems, lack of concentration and an increase in hearing voices and seeing things.

Have you gone to see someone about your sleep disorder? Melatonin might be something to look into as an alternative to prescription medication for sleeping.

I also think that talking to other people as you have done here, can be a step to helping you feel you are not alone in fearing the unknown or the paranormal. There are so many things we don't understand, some bad, some good. A lot of the things we fear is because we don't understand their purpose in our lives or even how to begin to comprehend something that seemingly doesn't make any sense. I know a lot of people with similar experiences and it might help to share your story. At the very least you may reach some conclusion as to why this is happening to youand how to (try) to live a 'normal' life despite these episodes.

I am sorry I cannot help more but I will say you need to try to keep healthy and fit. Not sleeping will only make you more stressed and this in turn will feed on your fear and cause a vicious circle. My other piece of advice would be that you are an intelligent, unique person who has overcome a lot in a short period. Don't let this stop you from achieving anything. Educate yourself, do research, talk to other people and continue exploring and searching for answers and get some sleep!

I wish you luck.

posted on Aug, 14 2005 @ 09:21 AM
I too am glad that I'm furthuring my education, I hope that I can at least be successful and help others out along the way. I'd like to start my own business, but that's another story. I think perhaps that I didn't word my post correctly; I don't deprive myself of sleep to the point of complete exhaustion, I'm just too awake after getting off of work at 6:30am to sleep so I stay awake and see if my friends wake up. It's been a weird change living a life opposite of everybody I know but I'm just starting to get used to it. I do get at least 5 hours of sleep which, I know, isn't enough but it's better than nothing I suppose. I was just trying to explain how my sudden death fear was connected to me sleeping at night. Thank you for your concern and your kind words!

posted on Aug, 14 2005 @ 06:15 PM

I second everything nikelbee said. Please pay close attention to that advice.

So that's my life. I've had some experiences that have really affected me. Is it a mix of hauntings and alien encounters or are there rational reasons for all of this?

Make no mistake, spirits of people who have died are real, and so are alien people, and either or both of them could be around you (invisibly) at times through your life. These could be some of a number of rational reasons for some of what you describe.

From everything you describe and the way you describe it, even the parts that you are confused about, it is obvious to me that you are pretty sensitive spiritually. That means that you have a keen awareness to things (life and spirit) around you. The awareness is your own natural ability of your spirit- you have it on "high" sometimes, and it may be a little overactive, which is normal, but not the best way to go about exploring your abilities or surroundings. You also have a normal imagination and it plays a part in what you assume about anything you may perceive around you, spiritually as well as in your daily physical life.

Always be as honest and accurate about what you experience as you can be, no matter what. Be accepting and respectful of the beings you sense, just as you expect from them. They probably sense that you sense them too, and may be leery of your reaction too. Choose wisely the other people you will tell about these things. It's not a secret, but some might make you feel bad when what you need is support and acceptance. Well-meaning people may misunderstand everything you say but still try pretty hard to help you anyway.

There is life and spirit everywhere for you (and all of us) to sense. Think of it like if you are playing a game with a lot of people you know, and you're IT. You have your eyes closed, and you feel around your surroundings with your hands for anybody there, and have to guess who it is when you find somebody. Those who want you to find them will be near to you. You don't need to search for them. If you start searching further and wider, inevitably you will find somebody or a lot of somebodies, but do not bother those who are not obviously trying to get your attention for some reason.

There are always a few beings who may be close to you at any time, within your sensation already, and most of them have always been around you and always will be. Some of them are alive and some of them are not, but that doesn't matter. All people have a few beings around them and most do not sense them, or may sense them once in a while without knowing what it is they feel. Even if you tend to be sensitive, you still can't always feel them when they are there, but if they want you to, you will, don't worry.

From now on, just feel the space right around yourself for who is most personal to you. Pay attention to their unique sensations so you can recognize them apart from all others. Expect to bump into various beings from time to time, but just realize how common life is and live normally with your abilities, which will probably develop more as you mature.

If you are uncomfortable with these sensations at any time, just shut them off like you shut off the radio. You do not have to sense anything you don't want to. It would be too difficult to feel everything all the time, and unnecessary. You will just feel things when you want to or need to.

If you have personal alien contact, your own alien contacts will make themselves known to you loud and clear, if and when it is time for that, probably when you are stable in your adult life. If you don't have personal alien contact, they will never bother you.

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