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10 UK Detainees: 5 on Suicide Watch

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posted on Aug, 13 2005 @ 04:11 AM
Latest news on the 10 detainees being held in Britain.

It appears a few of these unnamed men have been in mental hospitals and prisons since 2004, so unable to have been involved in the attacks on London. Some of them appear to be highly distressed by their enforced and repeated captivity and according to this Irish Examiner some of them have been 'driven into madness' by their incarceration. With the exception of Abu Qatada, I wonder what good it will do to imprison these people without trial and for such a length of time?

According to the Guardian:

'Almost all of the other nine were Algerian former detainees at Belmarsh prison, where they were held without trial for up to three years before law lords ruled this illegal. The men now face being sent back to Algeria.'

Is it just a way for the country to get rid of it's undesirables? Is the UK going to start up a pattern of violation of human rights?

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