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Asian Broadband Satellite Launched.

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posted on Aug, 11 2005 @ 11:52 AM

A rocket launch from South America has deployed a satellite that its Thai operator says will bring broadband Internet access to the remotest corners of Asia, including rural Australia.

Shin Satellite says the orbiter will deliver high-speed connectivity to Asian villages and Australian outback towns that lie far off fiber-optic cable grids, under a footprint that will stretch from India to China to New Zealand.

The company hopes to serve up to four million people across the region, with its satellite expected to stay operational in orbit for 12 years.

this is great news for remote areas especially in Australia, where the area is too large to cover by fiber optic cabling. Now just maybe...because this satellite is foreign owned we will be able to access quality Internet without being held to ransom by companies such as Telstra and their exhorborant access charges.

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