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naval weapon systems

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posted on Aug, 11 2005 @ 11:43 AM
Weighing just 850 kg, the MLG 27 is an autonomous, remotely controlled weapon system that can be integrated without deck penetration, meaning that it can be installed practically anywhere.

. The fundamental mission of the MLG 27 is to engage:

- small, highly agile surface targets at ranges of up 2,500 metres;
- helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft at ranges of up to 2,500 metres;
- onshore targets (armoured vehicles, snipers) at ranges of up to 4,000 metres; and
- warships at ranges of up to 4,000 metres.

The MLG 27 system is equipped with target acquisition sensors capable of operating day and night, thus enabling automatic target tracking as well as permitting the gun to be aimed via a joystick. The high-precision fire control function, coupled with the high rate of fire and the defined range of dispersion of the BK 27 results in a high hit probability.


Hmm intresting system, also it has a special munition. That uses kinetic energy to destroy things. Very intresting, you can read about it on the link. Maybe the US should get intrested in this munition , I'm sure we could help them on their project. And they could help us on ours. Oh yeah the muniton is called FAPDS (Frangible Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot), and our munition is called ERGM (extended range guided munition). Oh yeah I'm doing this thread, because I'm finding so many good articles about naval weapon systems, and want to put them in one thread. Instead of tons of threads. Anybody can join, but just to tell you, if the system is really special I will probably do a thread post.

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