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One Push of a Button (My Short Story)

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posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 11:17 PM
This was an English project I did 2 years ago, Its kind of cheesy but here it is,

Story is titled:One Push of a Button

The way wars are won is through Intelligence in the 20th century. and there was many ways of getting it. The CIA; (Central Intelligences Agency) was merely nothing before the cold war. There was a big arms race between the United States and the Soviet Union during this time the word was at the brink of nuclear war. The arms race was just not all about who can push the button first. It was about when the other person would push the button. The term push the button refers back to who would call the first shots by launching a nuclear war head. Drills were practiced at schools, churches, places of work and large skyscrapers and building when there was a threat every one was forced to run into a (fall out shelter). The world could not live like that forever.

October 4, 1957, remote location in the Soviet Union. Deep into the country side there stands 20 armed men ordered to shoot on site behind them there are lights and a large area that is marked off with barricades. They start a count down on a loud speaker 10, 9, 8, 7,6,5,4,3,2,1 the ground rumbles and for the first time ever there was a satellite launched into space. Back in United States air force navigators spot an unusual object on radar and they are put on high alert with in 98 minutes and the object had gone away but the United States was still skeptical. The air force having no knowledge of what just happened got a hold of the government and there it was the start of the mission that moist likely saved the planet.

Back at CIA head quarters there was mass confusion trying to gather a report together. 128 different agents were on the case they all were clueless to what had happened roughly 1 hour ago. Then almost out of know were they received a call from the air force. According to them there was objects orbiting the earth over the United States. CIA director Frank Wisner contacted a small group of astronomer's to check out the object that they were all astonished by. The most powerful telescope at the time was located in a small town in Texas.

After 2 hors of aiming ordnance into the telescope the astronomer's found a metal object hovering over the eastern sea bored of the United States they could not make out the details on it. One thing was for sure they knew it was man made. The object heightened the United States grip on the war. Frank Wisner assembled a group of CIA Operatives to go and try to get some intelligences knowing that the object that’s been hovering above them was most likely put up there by the USSR. The two agents going under cover were set to go to Russia as spy’s there first mission would be to snoop around one of there government building looking for information about the object that’s been orbiting the earth.

The two agents arrived in the city of Moscow close to where their government is located. They were under-cover as farmers on the outskirts of the city they communicated back to the United States by taping into a phone line using a small handheld device. They really didn’t need to use it much just to confirm that they were alive and well. They had no idea were to begin. They knew they had to get into one of the government buildings. They stood there looking at a map for every way to get in. It was guarded everywhere. Not to mention there were large barbed wire fences surrounding the building they wanted to get into . Using a peace of metal attached to a wood stick they tested the fence to see if it was on. When the two peaces of metal touched the fence it made a faint zapping sound. The realization of cutting through the fence just hit them they could not do it. Then they thought they might be able to dig underneath the fence. But they had nothing but there bare hands. So they mapped out the whole area around the first government building they seen. They quickly drew a whole map of the entire place were guards, towers, windows form the building were, basically any wear wear they might come in contact with resistance.

They went back to the farm and complied a plan together. Their plan was to go back the following day see if every thing is were it was the night before and dig a tunnel silently underneath the fence from an area were it wasn’t as heavily guarded as it was in other areas around the building. When it came time to follow out the plan it worked better than they suspected and they were surprise, there were hardly any guards there that night. Once they got through the fence they ran to a window that was not lit up in the building. They took a small mirror and took a peak inside. It appeared to be a large hall way.

One of the agents opened up the window about half way. He dropped in head first all of the sudden there was commotion out side alarms started going off. And there were search lights all over the ground. Quickly the second Agent followed into the half open window the hall way led to a few doors and a flight of stairs. They quickly started looking for a place to hide the calibration out side was getting closer they ran into a room. It had no windows just a chair. The Agents determined it was an interrogation room. One of them got so frightened he pulled out his pistol. They closed the door and waited for the noise to die out. Once they were sure the coast was clear they got out of this hall way and flew up the flight of stairs there was another darkened hall way. Most of the lights were out since it was 3:00 am. Once again they got to another corridor filled with doors and another flight of steps. They decided to skip over all the rooms and go straight for the top. They listened by doors with light casting below them to conversations. They even recorded some. The conversations they were hearing were mostly about military bases but one of them caught the men’s attention at the end of the hall way. There was a door that sounded like a meeting was going on. as they listened in they herd "As you may know we launched our first unmanned satellite (Spudnick) its mission is to gather important information on nuclear weapons supply of the united states we have farther plans to launch a series of 5 more of these orbiters 3 of them will serve the same function they will record vital information so If they do attack we can strike there weapons facilities first, The other 2 satellites will carry 2 on board nuclear warheads. Therefore if they were to wipe out what we have here we can retaliate from another location. We will aim these satellites at 5 major cities within the United States. The first one is New York City; the other 4 are Las Angeles, Washington, Chicago, and Huston. We also have plans to make a defense satellite that we will use to take out all there offenses. The satellites are built we just need to launch them. The dates set for launch will be October 11th 12th and 13th."

The agents hit stop on the recorder because the meeting was over there were questions being asked that had no useful meaning so they decided to make a run for it. They made there way to the bottom floor. Outside day light was coming up. They made there way out the window they came in at thankfully no one was there. The that they had dug was still there they went out how they came in. Once they were at their car they were safe and listened to the audio tapes they acquired during there search. They made there way back to the farm and reported the information back to the United States.

They gave them the dates the times and let them know what was up. The United States launched a missile at the unknown object that’s been there for almost a week and took it down. The USSR had no idea what had happened they thought it was a glitch through transmitting. Soon October 11th came. A carrier on the Indian Ocean had a squadron of fighter pilots ready to wipe out every satellite the Soviets had.
They took off and just as the first satellite was about too take off there was a massive air-raid the site was demolished sadly the squadron of 4 planes was reduced to 1 because the other 3 had been shot down by anti aircraft. The site that was bombed had literally no survivors. The satellites that were scheduled to go up were burning with black smoke. Bodies of Scientist and Military personal lay there as there flesh burned and 3 dark fires could be seen from the distance of the fighter that had been shot down. The news was reported back to the states and the threat of the satellites was removed. 3 years later the united states started there own space program and launched several of there own satellites. Even a few manned flights. If it was not for the CIA's willingness to provided the United States with such vital information would some one have pushed the button?

as you can tell my teacher wasn't grading on spelling or grammar.

Hope you all enjoyed it.

[edit on 10-8-2005 by iksmodnad]


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