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Corporations involved with the NWO

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posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 12:50 AM
Here are some companies I think are involved with the NWO:

McDonald's, they feed that poison to everyone they can, thus maybe even putting potential NWO oppressors out of the way. They use questionable parts of questionable animals in their 'food'. Their advertising is questionable too with children brainwashed and everything. It's been said that McDonald's was considering a motto which went something like "One mouth to feed, worldwide." ... NWO RIGHT THERE.

Wal-Mart, although I do enjoy shopping there, everyone knows about the business killing and unfair stuff. Global expansion happens way too fast, in China people fight in Wal-Mart which makese them build even more. So yeah, NWO.

Hilton, never used their hotels, probably sucks anyways because of their heiresses [pun intended lol]. People everywhere idolize the Hilton sisters which maybe benifits the hotel itself. This idolization is up there with brainwash like American Idol, reality programmes, all that stuff. Seriously I want to take a syringe and inject diahrrea fluid and random McDonald's chemical-greases into that little whore's bloodstream [if it would make a difference in her circulatory system's health lol]

FOX Cable Networks, they are a leading factor in the brainwash of Americans and they ****ed up King of the Hill beyond the point of repair.

There's more I can put but I'm tired right now.
So what corporations do you think are involved with the NWO?

posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 08:12 AM
I would probably have to agree with all of those that you have mentioned.(nice pun by the way, lol)
Any company or business spreading throughout the world is likely looking to achieve a monopoly in the field it is in, thus killing off local and/or smaller business' and forcing the public to become dependant of their service.

I have no doubt that McDonalds has evil intentions at its core, its food is harmful, and there are new restaurants popping up all over the globe, bringing the food to more and more people. The advertisement of McDonalds really does scare me, when you actually watch it analytically, you can see why it is hooking so much children and youth in, who are going to therefore crave it throughout their lives.

Another corporation i would suspect would be Nike, atrocious ethical policies in order to get as much production as possible done, feverish and "hip" advertisement for the youth to eat up, and their "swoosh" logo is all over the place these days, from mobile phone covers to golf equiptment, promoting the brand in more and more ways.


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