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posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 04:16 AM
That has got to be one of the dumbest thing's on this web page. Here we all are with the back and forth's, yet if you can't take the heat or somebody is ruining your ' conspiracy ' you put them on ignore ? I thought we were supposed to get to the facts around here. Most of the link's that are pasted up are stolen from some poor sucker who spent 6 year's pondering the ' what if's " of life. Then there are the die hard's who don't know it but they have already surrendered to the world of ' CAPERLAND '. The foundations are already built and the structure of their reasoning must stay within whichever scheme they paste up next. Stand back and take a look yourself. These BOOMERANGS alway's go for miles, but that BS alway's comes right back to belief's of supposed truth searcher. Bin Lauden plans killed 3000 people who probably would be here ranting away too, but, well you know : Bush ordered Bin Lauden to fly planes into New York, right ? Each one of you know that your ferver could easily be applied to any other leader on this globe, but you won't get the air time if you put down so you stick with the Bush/Cheney/Batcave stuff. It's easily made very complex by most of you, and the oddest part is at the end of it you call Bush a retard. George Bush : The Retarded Conspirator . Most of the threads here are the real conspiracy. Chuck full of link's and blurry photos and creepy capers. Don't forget to put this thread on ' ignore'. Very fitting name for a site that alleges to seek the truth.

posted on Aug, 14 2005 @ 05:52 AM
come on Blubber.

You are not expecting people who use this site and the brother [or sister] pages belonging to this site, to follow your thoughts or threads, do you?

All they want to do my friend, is place their idiolistic views forward with as much force as possible, poo-poo any replies that do not coincide with theirs, and report to the Mods any who dare tell them theyr'e wrong and get their own posts plastered with glorious technicoloured avtars.

I have found the size of the avtar often reflects the size of the intellect and the views of the poster oft need to be taken with a very large pinch of salt.

After all Blubber - why would you want to spend you time trolling through other sites for interesting military titbits then post them on ATS as your own work?

As for those with no military service behind them, insisting that the views they put forward are 'right and proper' and all other posters 'don't know what they're talking about' - is quite beyond me.

On one thread on another page of the ATS site, I had a guy tell me that military radios were not protected against emp. He lambasted me and made me a laughing stock in his efforts to put me down and poo-poo my views. The fact that I had taught this particular subject for over 30 years escaped him, but he knew better! :bash::bnghd:

So Blubber, I do feel sorry for you but, whilst you - and me- stand out against the norm, your views will never hold sway.

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