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Broken Or Severly Sprained Ankle

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posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 02:50 AM
Ok so I was playing a game of Football earlier and I was running for the touchdown. I made the touchdown (w00t) and then started to slow down, go out and managed to stick my foot in a hole while slowing down.

Now, I was in very much pain when it happened. Then after about a minute the pain lessened. I kept my shoe on and stayed with my friends till about 2 hours later. Then I went home, put some icy hot stuff on it and plopped it on the desk. I have this bump on the side of my foot, it's squishy but not bone. I think it's swelling. I'm only 16 and havn't broken any bones.

I can't go to the doctors for some weird insurance reason.

Right now It's pretty stiff and I can't move it TOO much. I can move it a little bit side to side, and a little bit up and down. When I move it up and hurts Very much. I can put a little weight on it but can't walk much on it. & The foot isn't like hanging off, still attached and it's normal color.

I put ice on it about an hour ago. What should I do?


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