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Sid's Relativity 1

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posted on Aug, 8 2005 @ 11:35 AM
Sometimes I think that having too much knowledge can be a curse to some people. I think they overlook the obvious !

I believe that light speed, mass and time are related.
This is why :

As per Einstein's special relativity, the closer you go to light speed, the more time dilates in your own frame of reference, and your relativistic mass increases. Now I believe that Energy can in these circumstances turn into mass, and relativistic mass, can be used to measure the amount of kinetic energy that an object has, and the more kinetic energy an object has the more time dilates for anything inside the object, for example people inside a space craft.
Now I also believe the within the Universe, different objects depending on their kinetic energy, have different speeds of time, or time dilates differently in each of them. They also have different relativistic masses.
This effect I believe is caused because in a closed frame of reference, with lets say people inside, the space craft for example, is effectively creating a mini Universe for the people, that Universe holding a different amount of energy than the Earth, and because this mini universe ( the space craft), is traveling at close to light speed and has alot of energy, time inside it dilates.
This also means that if the Earth begins to orbit faster (assuming that the centrifugal force does not throw it off orbit), it would disrupt the balance of time, and time on Earth will dilate.

sorry My theory is too long to be explained in a few short paragraphs, and i am still working on some of it, but this is just the introduction.

I hope you understood. I know you may have objections to this theory and will want to argue them out. PLease post them to me in this topic.

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posted on Aug, 8 2005 @ 02:16 PM
explain it in matmatics, it explains it in a different light, and if the mathmatics proves it consistant then ur in good shape.

posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 04:28 AM
It is not easy to mathematically explain my theory, because it has to do with time and other complicated stuff. But I will now go into the molecular part of my theory.
This theory as you might have noticed also means that mass is dependant on the amount of energy in the atoms of a substance. This basically means that on Earth which is orbiting the sun at a certain speed, all substances at rest on Earth have the same amount of stored energy in their atoms. This energy is responsible for certain forces that hold the chunk of mass together, the energy is sort of like a clamp. If therefore, a piece of mass is put on a special spacecraft that can travel close to the speed of light, the energy between the atoms making up the piece of mass, will increase, or the clamp will get tighter, and the mass of the object will increase as a result. This part of the theory also supports another thing put forward by Einstein that ; things traveling close to light speed will seem to have smaller lengths. The energy I was talking about will have become so strong, it will begin to squash atoms together very tightly, so the overall length of the piece of mass will decrease.

P.S I am still working on the maths for the theory, but I am 15, and some of that maths may be beyond me. But I will come up with something.

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