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mayan end date of 2012...home?

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posted on Aug, 7 2005 @ 09:22 AM
ok you guys...if u know the topic, reply...if u dont, well....dont.

i just finished some very interesting readings. three books and im convinced that the mayans may have been this or that, but one thing is certain...whatever they were or were not, they were awesome cosmic recorders. SKYGLOBE programs confirm the records they kept and nasa and todays science has authenticated the fact that sun spot cycles are real and repetative and whats more, that earth has reversed her magnatism at the poles in her past, more than a few times. so this begs the question:

if the end of the age is in fact 2012 as venus raises as the sun sets and our earth crosses the center of our milky way galaxy and there is the storm on the sun which cycles roughly every thirty seven hundred years...where on this earth would be the best place to weather this storm out here on earth?????

im trying to prepare for this as i live each day as it were my last, but honestly, i just dont know where to pick my sideline to watch this awesome play. eliminated: any costal region; any region over an existing fault line. any region near a thermo active region (volcano, yellow stone park culdera ect...) any region subject to high winds... any norhtern area in the event that the storm trigers a southern flow of ice from the pole...and region below current sea level, or even a high sea level if the storm trigers a melt at the polar caps...

i kind of want to stay in america. im most familar with it here and if any new continent springs up from the ocean floor compliments of the earth quakes, and disrupts the oceans current currents...then europe could be a very cold place indeed. anyway, IF U REPLY WITH AN IDEA, PLEASE BACK UP YOUR IDEA WITH YOUR LOGIC AS I WILL PICK ONE OF YOUR IDEAS TO RELOCATE TO.

thanks. and dont play around with this topic. im for real, and really asking for your INFORMED opinion.

posted on Aug, 7 2005 @ 10:39 AM
you could relocate to central america? because if something does happen then you're roughly an equal amount of distance away from the sea, so if america does get flooded you might have a better chance their?
another alternative is to locate somewhere very high, such as the himalayas, where you might survive the tidal waves, there isn't really much you can do if something bad like this was going to happen, i'd just live it out, and hope for the best.

posted on Aug, 7 2005 @ 03:25 PM
thanks for your opinion atheist...
For starters, this isnt the end of the world, just an adjustment period for the earth to catch up with the suns magnetic switch...we will not all die and life will go on. There are too many pockets of civilization the globe over for us to die out as a result of this storm...and i dont plan on simply 'surviving' but actually living out my days, in comfort so...that being said, any high mountain region is out of the question. that place is cold already so it can only get more extreme. The winds alone make it a poor choice. to much work to keep yourslef at 98 degrees. you other idea...central america...ive been thinking about that, equator warmth is good, but i'd be pinched between the two major oceans and if they do rise, well...i wont be the only one heading up to high ground and i dont like the idea of being a visitor in another country when hard times hit...also, i dont believe america will be flooded, but parts of it may take on water from the swelling ocean. the great salt lake of utah is salty for this very reason.

thanks for the reply, keep them coming.

posted on Aug, 7 2005 @ 03:32 PM

Originally posted by gemini6767
if the end of the age is in fact 2012 as venus raises as the sun sets and our earth crosses the center of our milky way galaxy and there is the storm on the sun which cycles roughly every thirty seven hundred years...where on this earth would be the best place to weather this storm out here on earth?????

Right where you are right now. Seriously. Unless you get a good job offer somewhere else.

Look, this "earth crosses the center of the galaxy" is just bogus. The "center line" is, in fact, hundreds of times bigger than our entire solar system. We're already in it and have been for quite awhile and will probably be in it for another 100 years or so.

Sun cycles didn't disrupt anything 3700 years ago. We know this because the Greeks and Romans and Egyptians and Sumerians and Chinese and Hindus were all around as civilizations and they were all writing books and leaving records and nothing happened back then.

This will be the biggest non-event since Y2K.

i kind of want to stay in america. im most familar with it here and if any new continent springs up from the ocean floor compliments of the earth quakes, and disrupts the oceans current currents...

Earthquakes don't just shove new continents up. New land is built by crustal upthrust and volcanic action at crust subductions. It's sure not going to happen in the Atlantic, where the crust is spreading apart and not jamming together:


thanks. and dont play around with this topic. im for real, and really asking for your INFORMED opinion.

You're honestly in more danger from Bush's failure to sign off on the Kyoto treaty and the effects of global warming. Help plant trees, help restore wildlands, help restore the ecology. And don't worry about some overblown sensationalism designed to sell books.

Our civilization doesn't come to an end every time we change calendars.

posted on Aug, 8 2005 @ 12:56 AM
Of course my worrying butt has been wondering if I would be okay where I'm living if something happened....well, President Bush lives nearby, so I'm probably good.

Oh...wait...what if he moves? I'll just have to keep up with his butt, too.

Edited for emphasis....

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posted on Aug, 8 2005 @ 10:21 PM

Originally posted by gemini6767
ok you guys...if u know the topic, reply...if u dont, well....dont.

...... so this begs the question:

where on this earth would be the best place to weather this storm out here on earth?????


what part dont u understand? i dont give a # about president unemployment king. if you arent going to answer the question, THEN DONT REPLY. I dont want your opinion on whether or not you believe fact, if you dont, then bugger off. i dont care if you know how long it takes to cross the milky way, i only want those of u who care to comment on where the best place to live would be IF YOU AGREE that the sun spot cycle is real and causes earths magnatism to reverse or adjust. it wasnt a hard question, really....was it?????????????? so let me try it again,

where on this earth would be the best place to weather this storm out here on earth?????



posted on Aug, 8 2005 @ 11:01 PM
OK, Gemini6767 .... a serious answer to a serious question only after you answer a couple for me.

Do you think this storm (or whatever you want to call it) will change the the earth's atmosphere and in what way? Since you plan on sitting on the sidelines watching, do you see everything going back to "normal" in a specified period of time?

When you speak of america ... are you referring to the united states of....?

posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 09:06 AM

this is indeed a storm. first off, its a solar storm. involving sunspots and flares, it causes a much stronger solar wind on which is carried enormous amounts of negative and positive radiation. the earth get hit by this all the time, but in large doses, it causes havoc on earth. If u go to nasa, and do some research, you'll discover that they have identified these storms occuring with regularity. just like a huricane on earth, these sunstorms seek to equalize and reset a 'glitch in the matrix'. but like earth, sometimes the storm hits a category that is severe. it is this storm that i refer to. this storm causes the magnatism on earth to reverse. there are lava rocks on our earch which testify to and it is accepted that earth has reversed her magnetic poles before, and even wandered off the polar cap all together. it will deffinately affect our atmosphere, but it wont actually change it long term. first off, the van allen belts will fail to a degree. secondly, in a cause and effect relationship status....because the earth is undergoing a wobbling on its axis and a magnetic adjustment, plate will be shifting on our crust. this is notorious for causing geothermal activity, so if a volcano goes off, then yes...our atmosphere will be affected but this storm has happened at least four times before. This time, however, our globe is the most populated it has ever been. so this time will be most destructive as our man made creations are a weak creation when standing against the full stregth of mother nature. the times that it has happened in the past, mankind was fledgling and scattered far and wide. i believe this scenario explains why we found a mammoth elephant frozen instantly and solid in an environment that presently contains nothing but snow and ice, let alone with the food it was chewing still between its molars; it explains the flood that is recored in nearly every corner of the earth. but this storm on the sun takes millenia to generate to the point that it kicks off. enter the mayan calander. whatever else they were, they were as the aztecs and toltecs before them recorders of the galatic events. wheather they knew the future wasnt and isnt concerning me. that they recorded the past is what is important. as it has occured in the past, things will 'retrun to normal' but it will take time. the storm on earth could be localized, or global. who knows, but the mayans recorded these 'ages' four times before. i was a skeptic at first, but now i've read many books and i believe that to the informed person on the topic, how could he/she just dismiss so much information from so many different sources all supporting the idea that the sun does storm, and on occasion to the degree that our planet is adversley affected. yes, i refer to the united states of...but right now not because im being patriotic. the great salt lake was once an ocean. so...there are parts i would avoid.

ok. so im ready for your reply and to all of you....

"ok you guys...if u know the topic, reply...if u dont, well....dont.

where on this earth would be the best place to weather this storm out here on earth?????


posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 10:21 AM
Gemini - I will attempt to give some advice. Go high!
I listened to an interesting interview between Whitley Strieber and Patrick Geryl yesterday. Patrick Geryl has written a book called the Orion Prophesy 2012 Decoded. In the interview it was asked where would one go in if this type of event were to occur. Patrick Geryl said to go to high elevation or build a boat (his words not mine).

In the event of flooding this would be the most logical place to be however, there would be other concerns. We know that an event similar to this has occured before but as you had mentioned we are at a populous now that these events would be even more catastrophic. So much is speculation as to what happened years ago and then scientists have tried to fill in the blanks from there.

I don't think that there would be an real "safe" place to be because of shear timing. When would we know of the exact moment this event would take place. I draw from your example of the Mammoth.
I do believe man would survive though a considerable amount less of us.

posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 02:36 PM
Gemini ... I, too, say go high. But to be more specific ... go higher than 7,000 ft.

Once again there will be major flooding

This will in part be caused by the "natural disasters" that will be occuring even more regularly than they are now. I have read (can't remember where) that the earthquakes, volcanic ruptions, hurricanes, tsunamis, etc., all are (and will be) changing the earth's polarity. This will have a major affect on the ice caps. The melting ice will have to go to the oceans by the most direct route ... the most direct route is not always around a continent.

Find a place the gov't does not own and can be made defensible.

If we have come to this conclusion using the facts on hand so have some in the gov't and I'm certain they have a contingency plan. They have the advantage of having equipment to take what they want ... make sure you are not in their way. When this happens many others will not be prepared but will want what you have. Since you will not have unlimited resources you will need to be able to turn them away.

Find "like minded " individuals that are not afraid of hard work to go with you.

The effects of this storm will not clear up in a couple of weeks or months. IMO, it will take years before the weather, etc. start to return to normal. Be prepared to work for accetable living conditions. You will not have time to sit back and watch.

Understand this community will need to be self-sustaining.

The only technology you will have is what you have with you or can reconstruct. There will be no electricity, gasoline, phones, mail, etc. It's up to YOU to make sure you have the know-how to survive. I, personally, will not be relying on solar power. IMO it will be a long time before the atmosphere clears enough to depend on seeing the sun for long periods of time. Once again imo, having equipmnt for hydro power is the way to go.

If this is the type of info you are looking for let me know and I'll continue later with my thoughts and ideas.

For those that do not believe there is a major change coming ... this wouldn't be a bad way to live anyway. IMHO.

posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 05:38 PM
Hi um I do know some on this subject and would like to offer my opinion and would like to ask if this does happen and we know in advance ( like some days or weeks before a date estimated by scientists) maybe some of the members on ATS should all go to the Appalachin mountains in the United States of America (I mean over by like PA also I am sorry I am bad at spelling) and go to somewhere higher than 7 thousand feet in those mountains bring some digging equipment and radation suits and then also since the storm will be with much wind and water maybe some hydrogenerators and wind power turbine things and live together making a smart community ( with guns and ammo to fight off marauders and anyone hostile that would try to take our resources) and we could like survive it out and repopulate the world and think about what kind of supreme luxuary place Bush and other world VIPS are hiding Oh and on my opinion we should bring tools and as much food and water and other weapons and medical supplies possible

posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 05:44 PM
Oh and I was serious too man we need to stick together if we want to survive ( its funny that its almost like Day After Tommrrow) Also we should buy medical supplies (like medication for radiation poison, radiation suits and as many dietary suppliment minerals and vitamins [along with antibiodics as possible]) and i have one other thing to add if we do meet and start a community to survive we should also bring weapons ( not only guns like I have 512 sharp hand crafted arrows but unfourtunately I broke my bow)

posted on Aug, 9 2005 @ 05:59 PM
Here's an interesting thought.

So the Mayan calendar ends in Dec. 2012.

Is there any proof that the date they outlined is the date we go by?

By which I mean, through all our thousands of years of time keeping - has it been 100% accurate and consistent, so that we can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that today is indeed 10th August, 2005, that is 10 days, 8 months and two thousand and five years after 1BC?

Has time been kept correctly?

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posted on Aug, 10 2005 @ 09:56 PM
velvet splash:

yes, using the SKYGLOBE program we have been able to connect the date and sycronize it with our gegorian calander. they kept time using stars and planets. once we were able to understand the glyphs they used to write, the rest was just reading. all in all, thier calander rivals todays supercomputers. they had the concept of the decimal point and the consept of the number zero down without a doubt.

JoJo the religious man:

i think the idea of finding each other now and preparing is a good idea, but the mountain chain in the east is, in my opinion, a bad choice. but the idea is good. its just to far east and surrounded by to much population set on taking what you have. thanks for the idea though, you got me to thinking on some other mountain chains in the arid south west. if we were able to find each other now, and pick specialties, then our chances would be better i think.


thanks for the awesome reply. unfortunately, i dont know anyone in my world who takes this serious. everytime i bring it up, i get area fifty one looks. they think im nuts. my resources are low as im a single unmarried male who has spent his whole life, up to now, traveling. i only have six years to make my preparations, i wish i would have learned about this a decade ago, but then again, science has come along in the ten years past and confirmed many of the things that were speculation so....YES THIS IS THE TYPE OF INFORMED OPINIONS IM AFTER. I TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUSLY AND I SHOULD LIKE TO READ MORE OF WHAT YOUR TAKE IS ON THIS.

to DDAY:

it seems that going high is a good idea, and another of my replys echoed the point you made about altitude being our friend, but dont you think it will be cold?? in your estimation, why is seven thousand feet 'the number?' i grew up out west so i know some areas that would was a joy to read your comments. you seem well informed on the topic. please feel free to send any more you might have my way.
to the rest of you:

if you are in a position to team up with me, im very relocatable. i own some houses in michigan, which is where im at presently. if any of you need a partner or are set well enough with your trade work to team up with you and build a place to get through this time. IM NOT ABOUT TO GIVE UP AND TAKE IT LAYING DOWN. if you bought it, id work it. i need a place to make my stand. as for now, all i really think i know is elevation. i do know some great places compliments of my growing up out west, which is where im probably going to go, so ....keep them coming. im desperate for information.

posted on Aug, 11 2005 @ 12:29 AM

Just a quick note to give you a couple of things to think about.

1 - Just because someone has the same thoughts on this subject as you do does NOT mean you are compatable. Keep in mind you may be living the rest of your life with these people before you chose partners. Decide which of your other beliefs make up who you are and trust in whatever higher power you believe in to place the right people in your path.

2 - Yes, it probably will be cold now .... but depending on how things "settle" when this is all over there is a good possibility that the place you relocate to will be closer to the equator and, in any case, your distance above sea level will not be nearly as high.

IMO, the northwest would be better than the southwest ... have you traveled in that area? Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, etc. Think on these places for a while.

Tomorrow I'm leaving to go out west to visit family for a few days or a week and will check this thread when I get back ... if I have access to the net I may check it earlier. I'll expand more on my opinions when I get back ... it's great talking to someone who doesn't think I'm crazy.

edit for spelling

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posted on Aug, 11 2005 @ 01:15 AM
I'll say it again, Australia is The Promised Land.

The early Americans and Australian Abouriginals were related.

Our native culture is the oldest continuous culture on earth.

The U.K. (empire) is Ephraim. The U.S. is Manassah.
Australia is the Daughter of the King of the South (the sun never set on the British Empire) and plays a major role in the end times.

Our government is talking of setting up nuclear power plant (Abomination of Desolation) They always get what they want.

We've joined the 10 member ASEAN group.

We are selling urainium to China.

The rightfull King of England is an Australian (cute that one of his grandsons is called Jet) who lives in country N.S.W.

The Hebrew discriptive meanings of place names are different from the 'modern' places we've attached them to.

The supercontinant didn't divide 'till Peleg's time and those 4 heads of the river weren't the rivers that carry those names today.



posted on Aug, 11 2005 @ 02:19 AM
Sorry Genini 6767, it seem I kill all threads I join unless I'm argueing with freemasoms......

posted on Aug, 11 2005 @ 02:59 AM
If the poles flipped, there would be no safe place.

As the earth spins the poles (heavily weighted with ice, causing a large depression on the surface of the earth - look at hudson bay, a previous pole location for example) would find their equilibrium at the equator.

Thus, the ice would melt in the tropics as it builds back up at the new pole locations. This kind of 'flux' and 'finding a new natural equilibrium" would be devastating to everything on the planet to some degree or other.

Thankfully, the records show that poles only 'shift' as apposed to 'full on 90 degree tilt' so if it were to happen again (its happened many times already and man/animals/plants have survived it) it shouldnt be so bad. BUT, there is still no 'safe lands'... everything would be changed everywhere by even the smallest of shifts, it just wouldnt be as sudden or violent.

posted on Aug, 11 2005 @ 06:37 AM
I'd be thinking about relocating to somewhere in North Africa, close to Egypt.
As has been almost proven beyond doubt, the Sphinx is over 12,000 years old, and has seen a tropical climate around 10,500BC. Using SKYGLOBE, you can see that the Sphinx looks directly at the rising constellation of LEO to the east on the equinox of 10,500BC.

Around that time a catastrophe occured...maybe a similar occurence to what you are talking about...and the climate changed to desert.

The Sphinx has heavy rain weathering on it, suggesting that it was there when Egypt had a tropical climate. Something happened to change the climate in that region. Maybe this occurence in 2012 will change it back.

My guess it to relocate to Egypt, get a good spot, cause that is gonna be the new place to be when the climate changes again.

Egypt has survived catastrophes before, why not this one?

...I'll be seeing you there!

posted on Aug, 11 2005 @ 12:25 PM
when the poles shift its not a physical momentum that is generated, its only the magnetic pole that shifts. This change in magnetic polarity affects the air circulation which in turn affects the weather patterns. It does not make everything that was hot/ cold in an instant. It just does not work that way. No physical motion is included when the poles shift. Just magnetic north becomes south. And for a mere instant there is a middle flux where there is no magentic grounding. Which could cause a loss of electrical current as free radicals "energy ions/ magnetic particles" zap energy. This will probably only be experienced as an instense Ion sensation like when there is lightning.

Other then that the air current will change as the positively charged ions move to the new pull and vise versa.

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