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WAR: Australia and Britian Working to Create Terrorism Database.

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posted on Aug, 6 2005 @ 11:28 AM
Prior to Australia's national terrorism summit in Canberra next month, the Australian government is examining Britian's new terrorism laws. The government has stated that it does not want to commit to Britian's new laws as further meetings are to be held with the leaders of Australia's Islamic leaders.
It is understood that Australia and Britian are compiling a database of suspects.
In other measures to prevent a terrorist attack, Australia's security agencies are understood to be working closely with Britain to compile a more comprehensive database of suspected extremists from around the world.

The list will include overseas-born extremist Islamic clerics, people inciting terrorism on websites, and those known to have trained in Pakistan or Iraq.

Senior ministers and members of the Islamic Council, in addition to community leaders, will be among those who will be invited to attend the talks.

In the UK yesterday, Tony Blair announced new powers to deport or deny entry to foreign nationals who "foster hatred" and an automatic refusal of asylum to anyone who has participated in terrorist activity.

A spokeswoman for the Attorney-General, Philip Ruddock, said the issue of deporting individuals was complex because of citizenship.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I agree that a database is not a 'law' and any data can be put to good use, for the betterment of us all. But, every plus has a minus. This is what we need to be careful of. Personal invasion. Of course your privacy won't be 'invaded' if you are not doing anything wrong.

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posted on Aug, 6 2005 @ 11:48 AM
But define what "doing anything wrong" is. We've seen peaceful political parties banned yesterday in Britain. Its all well and good making all these laws against "terrorists" but no one is adequately defining what a terrorist is.

Human rights advocaters go against the government. They can be deemed terrorists. Politcal dissidents go against the government. They can be deemed terrorists. All criminals generate fear and terror amongst the population. They can be deemed terrorists.

If all criminals can be classed as terrorists where do we draw the line? Does a speeding ticket get you classed as a terrorist?

Think this is far fetched? The American anti-terrorist Patriot Act was recently implemented against a drug dealer in Canada. What does dealing drugs have to do with terrorism? Nothing but when you write the laws you can interpret them how ever you want.

posted on Aug, 6 2005 @ 01:24 PM
I totally agree

The new laws will state even publishing or writing anything that can incite terrorism...hmm speaking out against the government of the day will fit nicely onto that scenario.

But Apathy rules, people will be silenced with fear.

posted on Aug, 6 2005 @ 01:57 PM

Originally posted by Mayet
But Apathy rules, people will be silenced with fear.

Mayet, that is spot on. Apathy will and to a certain degree is influencing people who i have spoken to in the last month. The level of deliberate ignorance, as in not watching or reading the news stunned me. These people have children and just don't care.

When i say, they "don't care" i mean they just don't read any form of news media, because they don't want to know.

The best/worst reply i got was, "I don't care what happens to anyone, anywhere as long as it does not involve me".
After that, this person immediately changed the topic and started ranting about the price of petrol.

Unreal, Sanc'.

posted on Aug, 6 2005 @ 11:18 PM
I don't think I would want my name to show up in such a database. For one thing the database would be wrong and secondly, I could probably never get the data changed--assuming I even knew about it.

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