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Neil Rudenstine, Land grabs, money and larry summers

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posted on Aug, 6 2005 @ 10:55 AM
I graduated from Harvard the year after Neil left. He left a legacy of unprecedented fundraising for any institution in the history of higher education and still living in the area, it's amazing how much land he acquired on the sly. If you're familiar with the area, Rudenstine bought huge tracts of land through proxies, deep into allston and boston across thre river and tons of difficult properties to purchase, given the nature of Cambridge's neighborhood groups bent on preservation. We're now just seeing the start of just how massive a land grab this was.

Neil was a quiet guy, he's on some board for the arts after stepping down, but he literally WAS the tie between traditions like finals clubs and our versions of the skull-and-bones and the super-wealthy Jewish people who in decades before gave nowhere near what they gave while he was around. Jewish money poured into the school like never before, as did social liberalism, ADL speakers on campus weekly, etc. At first, Neil's successor, Lawrence(larry) Summers seemed like a great replacement, but before the media blitz crucifying him, he did some things that pissed off Rudenstien. First came the spat with Cornell West, a prominent African-American academic who he sent packing to Princeton. I'd pinpoint this as the moment he betrayed Rudenstine''s vision, although it may have been revealing that Harvard had, in Boston terms, crossed the Rhine and started invading Allston, across the river.

Many of you know how Summers has been ripped-apart by out of context comments he made(many are really out of context or ones he was specifically instructed to make a "controversial statement" about something), most notably the "women are inferior at math and science" comments. Let's face it, the same wealthy Jews in the media that made Rudenstine the most-effective fundraiser in education ever control the media and many owe him for getting their children in or opening doors that were previously WASP-only while they were undergrads. They're after Summers at his bidding.

What does this say? That the world's most powerful, wealthy and prestigious institute of higher education(you might say Oxford,I'll say H. for effect) has completely become under the control of the same group of people who control Hollywood, News and Print Media, and most of Wall Street. There's no autonomy or independance for academia, and this is going to start a domino-effect on every institution in the country when they find out the secret to an endowment is to play the right games, support the Zionist cause and get everyone tenured. The last generation and ones after it are going to bear the taint of such teaching-for-money, we'll see what this means soon. I'd love to hear what any of you think about the idea that every school in the country is teaching the same stuff, supporting the same causes, and churning out the indoctrinated as we speak.

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