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NWO: the methodology of greed.

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posted on Aug, 5 2005 @ 11:20 AM
"Darwin said natural selection happens between individuals. But what about selection between communities (and herds and flocks)? This issue is so hot, arguments between sober academics almost read like kids having tantrums. The point is this: if there is competition between groups (communities) for survival, the winning group will be stronger because of teamwork, which takes something like cooperation or altruism between members. A group of only selfish individuals is weakened from within."

taken from

when you take a long look at the average levels of American society(lower to loer middle class) this is a logical theory. the whole world recognizes problems such as famine, over population...the general concept of not enough to go around. this, however, is a fabricated ideology whose sole purpose is to make wealthy elitists even more wealthy & elite. some people may misinterpret who is who in the above equation of competition between groups. if you take a look at our dog eat dog, every man for himself ultra competitive average class you get a better insight of whats happening. the elite have created a reality for the less fortunate. in this reality the common citizens are taking care of the elitist's problem for them by effectively using this reality to create infighting in the very classes that must unite for survival! the strategy is working flawlessly so far.

anyone read the book cited in that article "The Natural History of the Rich" by Richard Conriff? while I am not sure I would totally agree with his assessments I do believe there could be much valuable insight gained from his interviews.

anyone care to take this further or flame it into submission? I welcome all responses


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