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The Moon - The moneymachine?

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posted on Aug, 5 2005 @ 06:55 AM
On Earth, there is no device to describe anything in absolutes. We use the Newton system to describe weight. Einstein said it was impossible to determine anything accurately, since it was impossible to determine our speed in the universe.

Today we are still relying on somewhat crude instruments to describe the weight of everything. These devices sometimes use a spring, and more recent ones are based on electronics and eletromagnetism.

The fact that gravity is changing slighty, can be observed by the oceans tides. This is caused by our Moon. This would make the devices inaccurate, unless the Moon's gravity was calculated into the equation. But no commercial device do that.

So imagine this. You buy 1 kg of gold, one of the heaviest elements on Earth. You can buy this gold anywhere in the world, using a computer or telephone.

If you buy the gold, at the exact time the Moon is closest to the actual gold storage, then you go and weigh the gold, and the gold would weigh a fraction less, because of the Moon pulling it upwards. Now you are able to buy 1 kg gold for the price of 0.999kg kg gold. (The fraction is alot smaller, this is just for simplicity). Now you keep the gold and wait for the Moon to be on the other side of the Earth, so now the gold weighs a fraction more, cause the Moon is now pulling from the other side. So you sell it.

Now you just 'earned' 0.002 kg gold!. You can do this every time the Moon passes around the Earth. Doing this simultaneously all over the World as the Moon passes, and you could create ALOT of money out of 'the secrets of gravity'.

This is financing alot of NASA projects to be able to determine gravity more accurately, and to make even more money on the stock markets. And thats it.. its all about money

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posted on Aug, 5 2005 @ 12:41 PM
First off, a kilogram is a unit of mass, not weight. Mass doesn't change no matter where you are, or what gravitational forces are pulling you.

So, a 1 kilogram object when the moon is close as opposed to far...

Mass of Earth: 5.9742x10^24 kg
Radius of the Earth: 6.378x10^6 m
Mass of the Moon: 7.36 x10^22 kg
Earth-Moon distance on the close side: 3.84402x10^8 m - radius of Earth = 3.78024x10^8 m
Earth-Moon distance on the far side: 3.84402x10^8 m + 2x radius of Earth = 3.97158x10^8 m


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