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Wow okay I have a cell-phone now yet I would like to know a few things.

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posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 05:06 PM
Okay having a cell-phone or having a television hasn't stopped me from being able to have creative thoughts under some person controlling my mind. Ever since I was in March or so I have been having free flowing thoughts that still make sense and nothing really has been said to me that makes me go hey I forgot something OMG! Even though sometimes my grammar has been off I feel much better from before even watching television or using cell-phones. All you really need to do is to manage what shows you want to watch and watch television responsibly... this is not that hard! Your more affected by how you are around your friends than you are by watching a television. I would like some proof here.

I think that all of these rumors about what they do with cell-phones aren't real because if they were I wouldn't be able to talk here or since I am able to talk here to all of you they don't consider us a threat.

I used to believe practically everything that was said about conspiracies before untill I tried whatever was in those conspiracies. I used to stop brushing my teeth each morning since I heard using flouride made you stupider but ever since last year I just feel better after using my flouride but nothing about how I think has changed at all I just talk better but I still am open to thinking about conspiracies without having too much difficulty trying to realize something on my own.

My cell-phone allows me to record my own voice into my speaker so I can hear how I talk to change how I talk as my life goes on to make my conversations flow better yet that hasn't changed me all of you have only been placing blame on cell-phones for making people not care about what is going on but you dont' seem to think that maybe people with cell-phones are actually having much more fun with them than without them.

Like me for example. I used to be very silent but when I was talking to people I started to change again then became like very different with having became soooo much better at like everything however like you don't just say something then stop talking about that... after having cell-phones and Television you see things that you couldn't see before then try to use those things in real life to get like their reaction they had on TV when you're talking to another person. Then you also have a sense of yourself and who you are so you will know how you could act in a real world situation that you've never been in before... this is like I always thought. They're not trying to control your thoughts with these devices but naturally somehow unlike their creators expected you become affected by using them.

You shouldn't expect to do some things that many people in society do than not be affected by them in any some sort of way unless you would want to end up looking like a motionless zombie, now that would be boring.

All I'm saying is that people aren't controlling your thoughts. You could say exactly that about baseball or any sports game you play at a team there starts to become loud noises that help you get pumped up much like talking on a cell-phone helps you become more ready for daily life. Honestly there hasn't been any proof that cell-phones or television controls our thoughts but if you're afraid of them doing that then you should try watching shows that you want to watch or like try calling people who you feel like calling to manipulate yourself to make you think you are who you are.

I honestly needed that time off from these forums because I can think so much more straighter than before but now I can see that these conspiracies were created by some person some time ago because they were told something to tell every other person something that isn't true which we want to believe! Honestly everything will come at us without a second front and we won't know what hit us. I come here with another viewpoint hoping to be proven wrong again by you. Do you actually believe this stuff about cell-phones and mind control devices? They sooo obviously won't consider us a threat unless we discover some hidden information that we aren't supposed to know but they won't do anything about that since other things might happen they don't want us to know. Wow that was a long post I am glad to say that I am officially back.

posted on Aug, 11 2005 @ 05:48 PM
Well I am back and my cell-phone is still with me but nothing has happened yet.
Most of you are overreacting to them like really all of these conspiracies about cell-phones or television controlling your mind will only happen when they actually win and they haven't won yet. I

think most of you are like somewhat ignorant and you should really try to think more logically. They wouldn't just take control of your minds over these forums and let you post otherwise why would you be able to freely express your thought? But like honestly my free-will hasn't been completely taken over by televsiion and phones that's what friends do to you anyway.

Like think about this, friends have more control over your life and like weren't they supposed to come into power in 2000 or 2001? Like wouldn't they have already won if all of those conspiracies were real? I'm sorry to be a whistleblower yet but after looking after every sign I have only seen SOME evidence that there is an actual new world order under construction and that was in a Washington post article which I guessed to be Bush's last great goal after he wanted to "Democratize our world".

I haven't really been here in a few years but I think there are like a few new world orders that could come into power in our next few years in our life time. Al-quaida is fighting a global war across every continent with their military arsenal and they are trying to take over some countries in this world and we are trying to make everything democratic and secure peace for good at whatever costs (at least that's what Bush likes to make us believe and his former president Clinton did) and then Russia's version of a New World order without our influence would be more powerful than a USA New World Order.

Those are my thoughts. My conspiracy should agree with everything other people have posted here so far and like don't you think that there isn't just a single new world order because if there was there wouldn't be anybody to stop them? They probably just named them a new world order because those new world orders are most likely just major alliences with 1st and 2nd world countries.

posted on Aug, 29 2005 @ 12:59 AM
Are you saying that you used to believe all conspiracy theories, and now you believe none? That sounds a little bipolar to me. I tend to treat all theories as just that, theories, until I do my own research and come to a conclusion.

posted on Aug, 29 2005 @ 01:12 AM

Originally posted by CyberSEAL
Are you saying that you used to believe all conspiracy theories, and now you believe none? That sounds a little bipolar to me. I tend to treat all theories as just that, theories, until I do my own research and come to a conclusion.

Exactly, this is how they must be treated.

As far as cell phones go, they operate within the microwave wavelength (2.4ghz) and can excite h2o moecules if you were to run enough power to the antenna. There are 3 very intresting things i've observed with my cell phone (have had it for the past 4 years).

1) Whenever i receive a call, or dial a call, my satellite signal (mini dish) gets interrupted and i cant watch tv until i get off the phone, regardless of where in the house i am.

2) I used to live within 1500 feet of a cell phone tower, was a big tower had 3 different rings of equipment on it. Looked like one of those elf antennas everyone is always screaming about. Well, i had a siemens 2.4 ghz cordless (not a cell phone) handset, was a 300$ handset. Had all the goodies, and modulated frequencies some 2000 times a second with the base station, good incase people were trying to listen in. Service would also strech for about 200' from the base station. Roughly 3 times a year, when i was using the phone my call would drop. I would hear a click click, then a ring ring, someone would say hello, or sometimes i heard an answermachine. Then i would hear a second person replying to the first person (orignally i thought my phone was just calling people). I soon realized, that my phone was just randomly intercepting DIGITAL supposedly "secure" cell phone calls rated to GSM-1 standards.

3) Whenever i sit my phone down by my speaker, every 30 seconds or so it makes a weird buzzing sound for a second. Which, i guess isnt too abnormal in of itself, the cell phone has to ping a tower to keep an active link. But, why is it when i turn my phone off, every 30mins or so, the same noise is emitted, just on a lesser time frequency.

In case you didnt realize, microwaves can also fry internal organs and cause brain cancer. The cancer rates are going to be phenomenal in 20 years.

The conspiracy theory is that the cell phone acts as an amplifier for emitted ELF waves, which are used to brain control us. Problem is, the EM field frequency of our brain is in the 1-20hz range depending on our state of mind. The elf waves are usually high frequencies in the hundreds of khz or higher.

If the towers were emitting a 1-20hz wavelength, the one wave length would be approx the length from LA to paris. (Meaning, the wave travels one wave length on its way from LA to PARIS). This would require an antenna of at least 2-4KM (6000-12000') across to capture a 1/4 wavelength. So your cell phone would have to have a 6000' antenna to capture the wavelength necessary to resonate brain frequencies.

However, with the recent discover of ac powered antennas, you can charge an AC current through a telsa coil into a 1' circle dish, and that dish would act as if it was 3000' across. But this would still require a 1' antenna on your cell phone.

Higher several khz frequencies would be no problem for a cell phone to pick up, problem is getting them to effect or state of conciousness. Although if you would do a little research into royal raymond rife, you might think that this could have something to do with it. But, who really knows? Until mainstream science picks up on it we wont.

Although, you could point out the 2004 republican national convention where everyone had a glazed over look, and the whole setting just didn't seem right. I was in corpus christi for work at the time, sitting in the hotel room watching it, i do remember feeling "weird". But that could've been the beer and cheap mexican smoke.

[edit on 29-8-2005 by senseless04]

posted on Aug, 29 2005 @ 01:15 AM
Now that you're back, please feel free to place threads in the proper forum.
Granted, we do not have a "General Ramble about conspiracies" forum to place convoluted thoughts, but this isn't an NWO thread!

posted on Sep, 1 2005 @ 09:30 PM
i agree with senseless i use to live next to a cell
tower and it would mess up the tv when ur on
it and after you have it long enough you will notice
all kinds of weirt **** and it wont just stop there.
cell phones are a great way to track somone like
a gsm tracker of some sort to know where u are at
all times. why do u think they ask for your dL # or
your social security number, it is all ways to track
you. and you can say various words and can here
clicks and weird **** but just dont be a menace
in south centeral while killing black suits in the hood.

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