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Hitman : Blood Money

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posted on Aug, 3 2005 @ 09:37 PM
I don't think anyone has posted this yet.

The fourth in the chilling Hitman series featuring the cold-blooded killer Agent 47. Finding that members of his contract agency, The ICA, are now being quietly (and mortally) eliminated, Agent 47 suspects a larger organization is moving in. Fearing he may be the next target, he heads to America. His jobs now will pay in straight-up cash -- and how he spends the money will affect what weapons he has and what he does next. The developer added new gameplay systems, such as the concepts of notoriety and of blood money. The new Notoriety system means that anyone causing a bloodbath worthy of front page news is risking being recognised by civilians and guards in the future. Blood money lets players spend their earnings on fully customisable precision weapons and specialist equipment, or they can buy additional information upon the targets and location at hand, to aid a successful and professional hit.

Official Site

I liked Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, and Hitman: Contracts and I own them both. This looks like it could be my all-time favorite game. New weapons, human shields, new ways to assassinate, notoriety, and of course cold-hard cash with which you buy whatever you want. As one reviewer put it:
Hitman:Blood Money will have to go out of its way to suck.

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