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Everquest Fan Thread

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posted on Aug, 3 2005 @ 03:40 PM
Nothing compares to you, 'ol EQ.

There have been many imitators. Star Wars Galaxies, WoW, DAoC, Guild Wars, and the newer EQ2.

But nothing compares to you, my love. I would leave my wife, sell my house, and give away my 2001 Dodge Neon with the yellow body graphics and cold air intake, that reads "Necromancer" across the windshield.

I would quit my job if you asked me, and live off of Corn Flakes and water. I would let my house remain un-vacuumed and roach infested, if I meant I would pick up one of these:

EQ, if you were a woman, I would court you. I would send you roses and candy, all to make your heart mine.


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