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Global Consciousness and Merlin!

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posted on Aug, 3 2005 @ 12:57 PM
There are two little neet scientific ideas that I do not believe I have been able to read about here at ATS before (yeah I searched) ... the EGGs and Merlin... you guys will like this stuff...

These are the EGGs...

Check it out...

HERE is a more simplified and to the point explanation..

... and here is the read out from the random number generators...

Long story short.. they are ALL in the red at the moment and that is suppose to mean that something signiffigant is about to happen and that we are all feeling it and ... our minds are making bad vibes which affect the numbers or something like that (I'm just a dumb guy.. I don't really understand any of this stuff). The chances of them ALL being in the red is quite low... but there you have it... we're all about to die.

Next we have MERLIN... not the game from the 80s...

And that is the best place to learn about it from... I think.

You can find an interview with the operators of it at C2C I think... ah yeah you can...

There you go.

Have fun with that stuff.

Anything to add about it btw? How about.. do any of you know any other interesting.. ONLINE sort of new tech that you can play with or examine like the EGGs (I really like this type of stuff).


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