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40,000-year-old Human Footprints May Rewrite History

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posted on Aug, 1 2005 @ 10:12 PM
Looks like human activity is much ancient than we first thought, just makes you wonder that if humans can achieve so much in the space of 100 years, since 1900's till now with all the advancements in technology and science, then imagine what they are capable of attaining is thousands of years, along with the capability to detruct themselves.

The article is from

SYDNEY - British scientists believe that they have unearthed human footprints in central Mexico that are approximately 40,000 years old. The discovery is set to challenge previous studies that put the arrival of the first humans in the Americas close to 13,500 years ago

Using laser technology, an international team of scientists analyzed the footprints and dated them at around 40,000 years ago. These findings pose a challenge to previously held ideas about the settlement of the Americas.

Previously it has been accepted by the scientific community that the first humans arrived in North America after the last ice age about 13,500 years ago.

Professor David Huddart, of Moores University, and a collaborator on the discovery said: “The existence of 40,000-year-old human footprints in Mexico means that the ‘Clovis First’ model of human occupation can no longer be accepted as the first evidence of human presence in the Americas.”

posted on Aug, 2 2005 @ 01:02 AM
Wow, I doubt if it is human but tt could be footprints of Elohim ...

Wonder if there is plenty of piedmont red soil in the vacinity?

Possibly the very Elohim who created "Adam" and placed him in the garden ....


posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 06:22 AM
I get the impression that there has been a grave misunderstanding of this article. 40,000 year old footprints don't do anything to the proposed age of humanity- and it doesn't have to be the footprints of "elohim" (either an alien or god).

All these prints do, if the dating is accurate, is show humans in the Americas (and in a part of the Americas) where we didn't really expect to find them at that point in history.

Homo sapiens have been around for some 200,000 years, have been out of Africa for about 100,000 years, and were in Australia 70,000 years ago. It's not inconcievable that small populations from the Pacific made it to the Americas 40,000 years ago.

Then one must wonder if Homo sapiens were even the first to attempt long distance travel by sea. To the best of my knowledge there is nothing to indicate that our ancestors had the capability (although if I'm not mistaken Homo Erectus did reach Flores by raft where isolation and island dwarfing lead to "the hobbit" in indonesia (homo florensis)) there isn't anything to say they couldn't have as far as I know. Earlier species of our genus did have decent hand tools and at least some level of language, so who is to say to an absolute certainty that there wasn't a small population of earlier humans in the Americas which we have yet to prove?

At any rate, my point is that this hardly rewrites human origins, just raises questions about who got to America, when, and how.


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