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Driver Chases Car After Falling Out

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posted on Jul, 30 2005 @ 10:30 PM
Robbin Doolin, 31, of the Kansas City suburb of Grandview, opened her car door while driving down the highway, leaned out to spit and well, she leaned a bit too far and fell out. She then got up and chased her car as it continued down an embankment. She was treated for minor injuries.


Opening up your door while driving isn't a good idea, especially on a busy highway.

Robbin Doolin, 31, of the Kansas City suburb of Grandview, learned that Friday morning when she leaned out her fast-moving car to spit.

She went tumbling out onto U.S. 71 in Kansas City, and to the amazement of other drivers, she hopped up and chased her car as it careened down an embankment toward a construction site.

Doolin was recovering Friday night at a hospital, where she was treated for injuries to her leg, arm and head.

"It's certainly not prudent to open your car door on a highway, especially when you're not wearing a seat belt," said Capt. Rich Lockhart, a police spokesman.

Lockhart said the woman was embarrassed about the accident.

Her explanation to officers: "I leaned out to spit and I leaned too far."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Where does one begin? Clearly, there are a number of offenses here other than the purely legal, but I'll leave further analysis to others.

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