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God's people cursing their leader?!?!?

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posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 11:34 PM
This is from Israel Net Daily

Yaakov Katz, THE JERUSALEM POST Jul. 26, 2005

'Pulsa denura' invoked against Sharon

Far-right activists instigated a pulsa denura - Aramaic for 'lashes of fire' - death curse against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon last Thursday night in an effort to thwart the upcoming disengagement plan.

(click link for the rest of the article)

This is totally nuts, to me! I can't believe they think they are asking the same God who led them out of Egypt to kill their prime minister!

Who are they really asking? Someone who has not the power to kill!!

Look what happened to Baalam---when he was hired to curse Israel!

But now they want to curse another, themselves! What do they really think is going on?

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