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new avp movies

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posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 10:39 PM
Ok well Hollywood is busy. There have been roomers of

ALIEN 5: being created, it will deal with Ripley going to earth and alien drone ships coming like in the first alien move were they meet the aliens in the ship, and then she fights and kills the creators and goes to their home planet and kills them, sadly no predators even though they created the aliens.

PREDATOR 3: ok this one deals with army marines going into space and finding a planet or something, and getting the spook on the predators and their grand master plan to have an invasion on earth... I don’t no were it goes from there, but it does make the series bad since the predators only attack and kill for the hunt not go to war.

AvP 2: don’t really no much about it accept that roomer is it will be on earth and somehow the whole world is under attack by the aliens, u no the egg, the human, the chestbuster, and that’s how you make an alien. Then the predators come and an all out war begins...

Well that’s all, if you don’t believe me google it and check the main site... google


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