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Two Species Merge Into One

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posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 08:38 PM
Evolution isn't always one species merging into another, or a species evolving into two or more separate species. Sometimes through the breeding of two similar but genetically individual species can produce hybrid offspring. Normally the species would be sterile and not be able to reproduce, like the mule. But if it can find a niche in the ecosystem the hybrid could become a totally new species. Such is the case with the Lonicera Fly. The Lonicera fly began as a hybrid between the blueberry maggot and the snowberry maggot, normally it would die out, but when humans introduced the honeysuckle from Asia it found its niche and evolved into a new species.

National Geographic
For a hybrid to become a full-blown new species, it requires a distinct niche where it can evolve separately from its two parent species. For the Lonicera fly, the alien honeysuckle plant provided that niche.

As a result, the fly provides the first evidence that two different animal species can interbreed and evolve into a new, distinct animal if their hybrid moves to a new habitat, the study suggests.
George Turner is a professor of evolutionary biology and biodiversity at the University of Hull in England. He agrees that animal evolution through hybridization may be much more widespread than previously believed.

As DNA analysis of different species becomes more sophisticated and extensive, he expects other examples to emerge.

"I think this kind of speciation is most likely in animals were there are lots of similar, fast-evolving species, such as in certain types of insects and fish," he added.

I find this amazing as its the first solid evidence that hybrids can become new species. I'm going o have to pick up a copy of nature and read the article, its fascinating. And the speed at which this occurs is awesome. It only took 250 years for the hybrid to become a self reproducing full fledged species. I cant wait to here about the new discoverys. Who knows maybe somewhere in Homo sapien sapiens distant past we hybridnized and became who we are.

posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 10:00 PM

Lots of info there.

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