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A REAL chance to get REAL UFO photos!

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posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 04:08 AM
Dig this...

U.S. Millionaire Scientist to Fly With Russian Crew to ISS

"A millionaire scientist has been confirmed as a member of a Russian Soyuz crew scheduled to blast off Oct. 1 and deliver supplies to the international space station, AP reported Wednesday."

"Olsen, a 60-year-old scientist and co-founder of infrared camera maker Sensors Unlimited Inc., of Princeton, would become the third paying passenger to visit the space station."

Olsen, who holds advanced degrees in physics and materials science, has said he plans to bring along several of his company’s cameras to do science experiments, AP added.

Following my drift?

It is a fact that NASA has filmed UFO's that only appear in the higher ranges of light.

These were filmed in the spectrum UV and not visable to human eye:

3 days later, February 28, 1996, an astounding event took place, when the shuttle and its crew were separated from the Tether and satellite by over 77 nautical miles, a swarm of UFOs flurried about the Tether and satellite as Space Shuttle Astronaut, Claude Nicollier, took video footage (using a hand-held black & white video camera designed to see into the "Near Ultraviolet" invisible to the human eye) of what appeared to be over fifty, pulsing giant UFOs.


If this Millionare scientist has paid his way up into space, owns an infared optical company, ie. a company that knows how to record into the higher frequencies of the light spectrum and is deciding to use his cameras....

We should try to contact him and ask him to run an experiment for us since he'll have the equipment and is in the best place to help this movement out.

Ask him to film in the UV spectrum and above to detect UFOs as the theory of UFOs being crafts of pure energy travelling on the higher frequencies of light. Their mass is manipulated by using the energy of light to be the source of the mass of their craft since energy=mass and higher frequency of light=energy.
This is how they travel at high speeds and why they can go in and out of visability on mulitple ranges of lights spectrum, as filmed by NASA's own camera's and of which NASA are yet to state a theory as to what they are. Formally they were believed to be balls of water but that has since been retracted as impossible and no other theory but objects made of pure energy which equals the energy output of light is considered as possible.

He might be able to bring back some detailed footage.
Since we have until October 1, there is a chance of contacting him and trying to build up an interest in the project, he is a scientist and interested in light - this UFO theory is right up his ally, there's NASA footage to back it up and it's not a crazy idea.

Anyone want to try to contact him?

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posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 05:33 AM
I might actually, I have really studied the STS-75 Tether incident quite extensively. Those things are deffinatly up there.

TheShroudOfMemphis, I have some documentory studies of these craft and the NASA footage on my computer:

Evidence The Case For NASA UFOs - Part 1 - VHSRip
Evidence The Case For NASA UFOs - Part 2 - VHSRip

The Secret.NASA.Transmissions.The.Smoking.Gun(2004).DVDRIP.XViD

u2u me if you need them.

posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 06:09 AM
Here's the contact details for his company, they seem quiet forthcoming for people to contact and even visit them:

Management Bio: Dr. Gregory Olsen, Ph.D.

"Gregory Olsen, 60, said he dislikes being called a space tourist. Olsen said he would pursue an extensive experimental research program on board the ISS and it would be right to call him a "private researcher," as he was planning experiments to grow crystals in weightlessness."

"Mr Olsen, who holds advanced degrees in physics and materials science, has said he plans to take along several of his company's cameras for experiments."

posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 10:14 AM
good work

posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 12:02 PM

no other theory but objects made of pure energy which equals the energy output of light is considered as possible.

Thats not true at all.

In '77 Operation Prato, Hollanda discovered that the UFOs his team members were photographing , did not show up on film.

One day after being baffled for a few weeks, he figured out that the objects would appear on film when using an Infra-red filter, after getting UV , and Infra-red film the team members of the operation took many good photos of the objects .

While the UFOs had strange optical qualites, they were clearly Material objects, not pure energy.

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