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Acting as Angel of Death

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posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 11:18 PM
I was in science class doing some work and I suddenly began hearing this voice...first it was moaning and then it evolved into this conversation with a man.....I felt things around me...crushing wasn't long ago...but this man was..dying....he was crushed by something and dying of enternal bleeding.

Guy: Oh....oh god...please...I don't wanna die!!!
Me: What the hell??? Who are you?
Guy: Dear GOD...No please!!! Not yet! Please..don't take me now! At least let me see my family one more time!
Me: I'm not going to take you. I just want to know who you are.
Guy: Me? Wait...arn't you an angel? An angel of death?
Me: Um...I might be, I don't know...
Guy (incredulously): You don't KNOW!? Wait a minute--is this some...hell trick? Did I die and go to hell?
Me (appalled): NO! I am not a demon if that is what you were implying.
Guy: No, never...I'd never say you were a demon.
Guy: You're too beautiful.
Me (Flattered): Me??
Guy (amused):Yeah...
Me:Why do you say you don't want to die?
Guy: Because I don't. Not like this. I...just fear death, I guess.
Me: Why do you fear death?
Guy: Why would you ask? don't fear death? I suppose you don't...being an angel and all....
Me: I'm not an angel...
Guy: don't want to know.
Guy: So, I'm going to die...I'm not as shocked now as I was.
Me: Why do you say that?
Guy:Because...I just don't. why do you say you're going to die?
Guy: I'm trapped. I'm just gonna run out of air and die...can't you help me?
Me: No..not really. I'm sorry.
Guy(sad): Oh..thought so....does my family know I love them?
Me:Yes, of course they do.
Guy: My name is John, by the way.
Me (nod):Yes, and my name is Judia. I think I am your angel of death.
Guy: You just saw that?
Me: Hey...we aren't all seeing.
Guy: Obviously.
Me: I can leave you here.
John looks tried laying down and looks away.
Me: You still don't fear death, do you? Why are you so afraid?
Guy: What if I wasn't good enough in life? What if my name is not in that book? I don't wanna burn in hell.
Me: Oh, John...god would never be that mean to you. YOu are his child..we all are.
Guy (skeptical): Yeah...then why are there so many starving kids in africa and all those countries? Arn't they his kids too?
Me: Of course, John, but we choose our lives and that was their choice. They are learning...just like you and me.
Guy: You're learning?
Me: Of course.
Guy: Oh.
John is thinking....I can hear it....
Me: So, why do you have to sufficate...
John looks surprised.
Me: I can hear you, was your choice.
Guy: I'm scared to die, judia.
Me: I know, John...we all are at some level.
John is sighing.
Guy: I was so stupid...why didn't I listen?
Me: It's a little late now to be thinking that, John.
Guy: I know.
Me: There is nothing to fear, John. It only hurts becaues you are resisting it. It's a wonderful die. Paradise is waiting...not damnation.
Guy: How do you know?
Me: I've been there.
Guy: Oh...Do you think my family will be okay without me. I hope they know how much I love and miss them. I never told them enough how much I missed them and loved them.
Me: I know...we all say this, John.
Guy: You seem unusually calm for being trapped by rocks.
Me: It does not bother me. I like the dark. I am with you so I am not alone.
Guy:'re not like don't need to breath.
Me: I am sorry if I offend you.
Guy: lol No, you don't. I just really wish I was an angel right about now.
Me: Don't we all when we are going to die?
Guy(sad): You say that it's not big thing to matter.
Me: It doesn't. You die and you go to heaven...hell is pretty much optional.
Guy: Really?
Me: Yes...of course, John. Would you send your child to damntion?
Guy: Of course not!!!
Me: Neither will the Father.
Guy: *sighing* It's getting harder to breath.
Me(sad): I know, John. Do you want to let go?
Guy: Not really, but it's getting painful.
I put my energy hand on his belly.
Me: It's okay, John. They know you love them. It's not a thing to fear--death.
Guy: Are you sure?
Me:'s time to go, John.
My hand passes into him a little and his eyes die out....

It was a really abnormal, but felt normal to me.

posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 11:29 PM
Ya know I think I have a good memory for what is said in a conversation, in my should try card counting, you'd make millions.

posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 09:44 AM
I've gotta admit the conversation seems a little fake, but there seems to be some truth in it. Like it's contradicting itself. Anyway, your soul might have been an Angel of Death at one time.

posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 06:46 PM
::Angry Blush:: I have a photographic memory--so, I remember alot, if not everything. You don't have to be so rude. I don't think I was ever teh angel of death...that would be frightening. I mean...what would an angel of death look like??? I just said that to make the man feel better....

posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 08:19 PM
I'm not going to comment on the topic or dialog above, only on the replies given.
If something happens, something different from what your use to calling 'a day in a life', YOU REMEMBER EVERYTHING!!!

I can give a full account of a mere second or two that would take me 1/2 hour to type out or 15 minutes to 'try' and relay to you by speaking (and still not get it all in).

Again - this comment is situational, not on the origonal topic.

posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 10:07 PM
Sorry I'm a cynical #### in the evenings, it just is a little hard to accept that you would remember in that great of detail the exact dialogue in the conversation. I mean yeah we've all had life changing moments that we remember in concise detail, just seems a bit much to accept at face value. Then again I've never been presented with a situation such as that.

posted on Jul, 29 2005 @ 06:29 PM
I don't know why I remember things, it's just the way I am. I remember ALOT of things----I just put it to my memory like I'm dowloading a file onto a harddrive. ::Shakes head:: I don't really know why it works that way.


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