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CASPIAN and the frightfest of RFID chips.

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posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 03:31 AM
LOL People, if you haven't had your fix of fear today, go to this website:

Take your slowly...

What we need is a MILLION Katherine Albrecht's marching on Washington to to stop this insanity!

posted on Jul, 29 2005 @ 06:21 PM
You're driving down the freeway with a few of your buddies in the car. cops in site. You think as you "kick up your speed" a few notchs near the overpass. A few days later, you receive a speeding ticket in the mail.

Hah, they can't nail me for this! I'll just say that one of my buddies was driving! You think to yourself. Then you notice the diagram and photo. Yes, it's your car...and the diagram places YOU in the driver's seat, and YOUR FRIENDS IN THEIR RESPECTIVE SEATS!

How did they do this? Simple! The RFID chips in your drivers licenses. The Overpass cameras took the photos, and its fellow sensors ID'd your friends and pinpointed the location of their licenses, to an area eight inches wide.

Impossible? The technology is in place NOW. The chips exist NOW. It's not a matter of years, but of MONTHS before this scenario becomes reality.


Imagine you're "slumming" with your friends at the local shopping mall. You stop to admire the new window display at the Casual Corner store. Suddenly the plate glass displays a sign that says, "Hey, Jackie! Wouldn't this skirt go GREAT with those brown pumps you bought last week?"

A cooperative effort between Gilette, Proctor-Gamble and MIT has ALREADY turned this into a reality. Imagine walking the aisles of Safeway, and having an "invisible man" tell you the milk in your fridge is almost expired, or when you pick up a jar of peanut butter, A display on the shelf says you're almost out of Jelly.

WalMart's been satellite tracking bundles of inventory for years, and it's saved them millions. Now they're "chipping" Gillette razors and Venus shavers to conduct test runs on how accurately they can account for "shrinkage" Truely, it's just a matter of MONTHS, NOT YEARS before they develop a system for chipping virtually everything you wear, the packaging of the food you eat, and every stick of furniture in your house, (including the carpeting). Frainkly, it scares the !@#$% out of me!

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