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BTS Members, Could this be your calling?

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posted on Jul, 26 2005 @ 08:25 PM
I have started a search for the truth, A hero among us is missing. We need YOU!!

Help us solve this mystery.

Bring back our Hero!!

It would be great if someone here or anywhere in the ATS universe could solve this mystery and bring back the REAL SO.

My thread has been moved to the games forum, that is fine with me. But I am serious. We need SO here and now to aid us in the mission to Deny Ignorance.

Here at BTS your motto is to Deny Boredom!

Well, why not use some of your creative energy, help us!

Jump in, solve this one and bring back our Hero, and there will be rewards beyond the points or even the special shirt. You and you alone will have eternal bragging rights, for having brought a Super Hero back to us and back to life!

Come on, what have you to lose? Other than time?

Start here:

Good Luck!!!


[edit on 26-7-2005 by UM_Gazz]


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