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Okay You Are President of the United States What Now?

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posted on Jul, 25 2005 @ 01:32 AM
Here is a philosophical question mindful of political conspiracies and hidden persuaders now limiting you. Relearning your individual sovereignty is esential to cope with the sheer mindless juggernaut of uncontrolled corporatism unleashed by your predecessor. Having first surmounted the near impossible task of reinforcing your own sovereignty you now face restoring the national sovereignty compromised by globalism. Can you preserve, protect, and defend a Constitution that has nearly been double spoken out of existence? Can you even save the corporations from the consequences of their own mindless greed, a problem of meltdown that began even before your candidacy? They are already well informed on matters of sustainability. Will they adapt or keep up the same failed business policies? Can you restore the commons now seized by privatization schemes including widespread toll roads, and expensive corporate water supply systems?

The scenario: It is January 20, 2009 you are inaugurated.


1. What is your speech? Should you quote the Constitution you intend to preserve, protect and defend? Other Presidents have not done so.
2. Possibly the first action is to eliminate depleted uranium from our active ordnance stockpile and return it to the intended post nuclear conflict scenario. All three wars using it are nuclear wars the worst mistakes of three Presidents. It debilitates our own troops at all ranks and pay grades exposed. After the speech should you retreat to a highly secure bunker now or later to tell people what you want to do about the corporate juggernaut? You will already have the military very much on your side. You will of course restore worldwide our constitutional spirit of the eighth amendment regarding cruel and unusual punishments. Our country risked being nuked by the Soviets for years without needing to torture people, so there will be in perpetuity no more Guantanamo treatments or insane propaganda excusing it anywhere. The same goes for the prison system anywhere. Reforms are required there too. It is suggested that the US give non-strategic desk jobs and earlier retirement for those who used torture, and careful monitoring and non-pharmeceutical psychiatric help for these people. Like drug addiction torture can become habitual for offenders, and even worse a more intense post traumatic stress syndrome when it is at any time legally sanctioned and authorized.
3. You obviously want to reduce or eliminate corporate crime and senseless profiteering while preserving the environment. Should you create a parallel Federal Reserve that will be interest free hence benefiting all the people, and prepare therefore to abolish it perhaps gradually or if threatend by economic collapse immediately? Of course you will want to abolish all taxes and fund the United States with CAFRs, which are more than enough from the the interest alone. That would create vast populist appeal even to smaller corporations. However the bigger wheels will be enraged. Naturally you would only live only another 10 minutes after announcing all of these things unless you are in a secure bunker with carefully chosen protections. You would also have to insure that your speeches would not be interrupted. Woud a next President in such a scenario go on with all the sheenanigans, maybe his own amplified insane corporatism? You could be quickly wiped from public consciousness, being treated as if you never existed, even though millions saw and heard you. Self preservation without compromise during real change is a priority, but you serve notice that the actual changes are more important than you are.
4. There are many injustices sanctioned by the US government including but not limited to events such as the Tuskeegee Experiment, Wounded Knee, and actions of the drug cartels both pharmaceutical and illegal. Asparatame needs to be taken out of the food chain. as well as MSG. Many chemicals are harming the people of the United States, what can be done about it? Should you build up stockpiles of more environmentally friendly substitutes and prepare by government or expect corporate cooperation in the face of heavy pressure you will reject. What should you tell these special interests?
5. Naturally being long beholdant to European Banking the United States must create contingency plans for a transition to a banking system that favors the people and sovereignty of the United States. How long will you have to stay in the bunker before special interests give up their public relations standoff and other sanction attempts? Shouldn't you prepare maybe for years beforehand for such transitions? Can you keep your plans secret for so long, or must you go all out immediately?
6. Is this job too big for the President of the United States? Will you have to seize all broadcast communications, or can you depend upon corporate support during this transition which will actually profit them while it universally profits all the people?
7. Should you shut down the borders on purely health oriented matters, despite defamations about racism which are only an excuse for cheap labor? Should Mexico and other countries take care of their own people instead of exporting their social and cultural problems to a more generous New Deal America? Mexico is incredibly wealthy for example, but it is a topheavy oligarchy.
8. Can you maintain domestic tranquiity while dismantling the so called Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Department?
9. Can you maintain command communications and control over the shadow government and that of other countries to stop state sponsored terrorism for profit. Can you eliminate projections of a 100 year war from the former administration?
10. Can you shut down abortion while generously sponsoring mothers to be? How can you do your part to strengthen familes weakened by former governments and ill conceived polices?

In short are your problems from foreign global and also global corporate America insurmountable? Are special interests and high taxes built into the system? Is anything you do to even restore the wonders of the actually miserable Clinton years possible? Who do you hire for your cabinet? Almost all of your suggested appointments by others are hopelessly corrupted by the "bottom line," that they cannot see the nose in front of their face, much less see beyond the next quarterly statements.

Is your real job impossible, even with actual expanded moral authority? How much action can you do without reaction from heavy handed elite behind the scenes? Can you really restore what the United States of America ought to be, or is it impossible to alleviate the stranglehold of a very few hundreds of wealthy people upon millions and millions?

Should you forget everything you want to do and become another puppet President? Are you really up to the actual challenges? Should you retreat to the ceremonial aspects and enact only superficial changes for the people?

Can any change for the worse from earlier Presidents be alleviated even when ostensibly analyzed and confuted within suggested repeals of earlier unjustified draconian laws and decisions?

Can you the reader identify other problems that need solutions? What is your agenda for the future?

Okay You Are President of the United States What Now?

Your comments are welcome.

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posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 11:55 AM
It is a job I would never want, probably the most stressful and difficult job I can imagine.

posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 12:02 PM

Originally posted by T_Jesus
It is a job I would never want, probably the most stressful and difficult job I can imagine.

I think it depends on what you are doing to cause so much stress..

Say for example running some drills ironically at the same time some terrorist org is attacking us. Or running a hand in the companies or people who are making billions off a fake war..

Ya I think I would have alot of stress also..

Not only that.. waiting for the day when all my sheep wake up and smell the # under my feet.. God that would suck.

As for the original post. I will get back to this when I think of a good answer.

posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 12:57 PM
Well Im British but your post raises some interesting points so here goes ......

1) Since I greatly admire the spirit of Democracy I would make this the key point of my speach. I would not retire to a bunker at any point. I would make it the policy of my administration to be open and honest. I would talk about the American dream, i.e. people can come to America and do what they want and prosper and would touch upon how America should continue to be a land of tolerance of others whatever their religion, creed or colour. This is one of Americas great strengths. The problem with Corporations is that they are the natural end point of the capitalist sytems the western world uses. They have however got far too powerfull. I would have to be a Liberal because the idea of Liberalism is to have a large powerfull and centralised government which would probably mean an increase in taxes. At the moment I gather that the point of this post is to indrodce measures to curb the power of the corporations so using democracy as my justification I would:

-Firstly I would propose measure to limit the extent to which Big Business can influence Political campaigns. I would set a limit meaning that only citizens can contribute to campaigns and there would be a limit set as to the ammount they can contribute.
-I would propose measures limiting the size of News companies. Entities like SKY should not exists. Murdoch should not be able to have control over as many news outlets as he does. I would incourage more and smaller news outlets and would have an independant watchdog to monitor their content, i.e. what they are saying is nothing but the truth.
-I would also talk about education. I would ban all forms of corporate sponsorship aimed at the education sector. Since education is vital to an America that continues to prosper I would propose measures to: ban all junk food and make sure that meals adhere to strict nutritional guidlines. Pump huge ammount of money into the schools to improove standards, decrese class sizes and increase the numbers of teachers and resources available. Increase the money spent on sports within schools massively. I would also make University free. It used to be in the UK and I belive that was a very noble thing.

Those would be my main priorities.

2) I would remove DU from our arsenals. In addition, I would also press for a global reduction in nuclear arms and press for a ban on these types of DU weapons. In order to not deprive the military of an important weapon in their arsenal I would sponsor programs into the development of new weapons. I believe at this point in time, tungsten is an alternative... I believe that Islamic radicals are a threat to the western world, but camps like Gitmo are against the American/Democratic spirit. There are other ways of making people talk. I would propose a clear cut policy in dealing with these people. That is something the current administration have not done. Most likely it would involve execution of the worst offenders, while the rest would be locked up and forgotten about. I agree on the points about decommisioning those currently involved in torture.

3) I can't really comment too much on this point. Im not sure how the system in America works.

4) There are a lot of really bad chemicals in the food chain at the moment Rather then outlaw these I would show people what they do to your insides, or just what it is that makes these additives. Education is the key. DENY IGNORANCE! Some of the additives floating around at the moment are made in a really gross way. I would propose massive government subsidisation of drugs. This would enable the drugs companies to keep their profits and would mean that normal people could actually afford the drugs they need. Alternativly, I'd just import all drugs from Canada! AID's drugs would be the next big thing on my hitlist. Again I would subsidise drugs for africa massively. In order to cut out the corruption in Africa I would demand that African governments accept Americans on the ground to administer and eductae people about the drugs/AIDS. This ensures that corrupt goverement officials don't get rich off the American tax payer. It would also massively improove America's standing in Africa and in the world.

5) Im afraid I can't really comment on this either.

6) This job would not be too big for the president of the USA. As the most powerfull man in the world I would damn well do what I wanted. I don't think the corporations would target me specifically. I would move quickly to implement these policies. I would implement them by stealth for example, look at the patriot act! To seize broadcast mediums would be un democratic. I believe the internet would be the best tool, to broadcast my messages to the masses.

7) I would shut the Border with Mexico completely. It is a liability. America needs to know who is comming in. The imigration policy would be controlled on a basis where people would be allowed in depending on their skills. If america needs doctors one year then we will let doctors in and so on.

8) I would shake up massively the intelligence aperatus of the US. I would merge the many different intelligence organisations into one effective streamlined organisation geared towards fighting global terror and rouge states. I would keep the department of homeland security but put it under extremely strict rules of engagement. It would be answerable to the president, and the behavior of its memebrs would be answerable to the courts also.

9) I would aim to fight Islamic terror with a policing/eductaion operation rather than a war on terror. Indeed that is how it should have been fought from the start. I would end the support of tyranies and end Americas f***ed foreign policy. I would abandon support of the House of Saud and increase aid to the democratically elected governemnt of Iraq. I would place strict guidlines in how America deals with coutries so that the only countries America has dealings with are those that respect Human rights and are democratic in the means. I would also massively increase funding into reseach on renewable energy on a scalse not seen since the Manhatten project.

10) I am pro abortion to a point i.e. early terminations. I do however belive that the best way to deal with abortion is to educate children about safe sex. Particularly girls. Its no use hiding from the fact or shying away. I would also encourage parents to talk openly and frankly about sex to their children. Condoms would be made free in every school and I would make sure that a GUM clinic was available near every School. For those single mums I would propose incresed benefits on condition they learn to be responsible mothers through state funded courses. I would be massively pro family and aim all my policies towards preserving the fundemental unit of the human race.

I belive that a president should stand by his convictions and embody everything that is good about the United States. I belive he should be acountable and open and I would make sure that I made that clear in everyone of my speechs.

Would you vote for me?

posted on Jul, 28 2005 @ 03:38 PM
I have begun to think more deeply about these philosophical questions, where it appears nothing has been done in the face of the daily urgency over a number of years to provide a course correction analogy for politics and life.

Primarily the system from which you would attempt to do much more than simply reform may be so structurally engrained as to make changes difficult or next to impossible. Every day when you add it up you can see that wealth is being confiscated, and on a credit card that for the most part middle class America will have to pay. At the same time the middle class is facing diminuation vis a vis outsourcing. The substance of that transfer of wealth consist in future obligations not the physical economy. In an approach to a presciptive policy surrounding all these issues, one must consider at what rate urgent changes must follow. General principles are at issue as well as specifics emanating from these things.

Basically we are upon a course to reverse what has already repeated itself countless times historically. There are elites who get their way, even though that way is nothing more than destructive to the commons, destructive to the people, and a bad example. Consider it a sickness if you will, then consider the immense task to "do no harm," in relation to it.

Archaeology sees the same record, where people begin civilizations, and where they end with mass graves. In Easter Island the native religion completely depleted the forests and hence destroying the physical economy. In the United States, polluting chemistry combined with general dumbing down of the population both by that means and through hypnotic educational practices yields the blind consequences of operant conditioning. Only those who can step out of the locked paradigm are able to see, but what they see is disturbing. Blaming the messenger who alerts them, the population mostly guided by some elite causing the problem, either dismisses perceptive people labeling them, or goes to other extremes. This explains why rediscovering ones individual sovereignty is necessary, and why a vibrant world is possible within that task. One man can change everything, and we witness that in specialized terms in history where the truth of the matter challenges authority.

We would all have continued in huts or in sewerless olden London unless some individual pointed out repeatedly and effectively what had to be done.

A generalist needs to do this on a far more comprehensive scale, in order to root out deficiencies in the very system itself. The wrong direction on laws and in policies has surely bound us in some ways far more than Lilliputians bound Gulliver.

So the reason why for the suggested question "Okay You are the President of the United States What Now," is to offer the potential for comprehensive changes for the better. He may be the only person powerful enough to remedy structural deficiencies through repealing unsound laws and decisions preceding him. A more positive agenda proceeds in the aftermath.

A corporatocracy and even a kleptocracy proceeds out of the elite agenda comprising its democracy that ignores everyone else. Hence one can envision the strength of a Republic making decisions regardless of all the beggers in line who are massively wealthy already.

That potential power position may or may not be the best way to implement appropriate changes in fairness to the overall environment, both in terms of chemistry and ecology, as well as the sum of the efforts of very many people.

Authority has most never changed the world for the better, only allowing persistant error, save for the most basic principles now even being dismissed as applying to itself.

The problems are not economic alone, but reach into the very way people think. Popular Culture today has a balance sheet, where commercial music gives mindlessness a hearing. We need serious thought to serious issues from more people. Freedom may ultimately be the best remedy, since good messages can counter the less than good. But when the only voice in popular culture is negative, then what can young people do? Good messages are de facto censored, like the song "What a Wonderful World,' was censored on 911 by clear channel.

So I thought to add some background on what prompted the idea of power and to question what real power actually is, the capacity to change the world for the better every day of your life.

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posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 12:41 AM
Interesting topic;

I'd spend a lot of time on holiday, see if I could beat Bush's record.

I'll read over it and post something serious for you once I can work out my plan of action.

posted on Jul, 31 2005 @ 01:14 AM

Originally posted by SkipShipman
Okay You Are President of the United States What Now?

I guess that depends on what your skull & bones buddies have you doing on film.

From what I've heard, if you're in that position, you're one of the team.

posted on Mar, 24 2008 @ 11:54 PM
I just revisited this thread and found that Ron Paul had much simplified many thoughts here. It would be a good civics lesson to consider things you would do as President. One would be more capable to exercise citizen duty and to produce cogent letters in the hope to find a hearing. Who knows you might find yourself years from with a mighty repertoire of letters.


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