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time no more

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posted on Jul, 24 2005 @ 11:41 PM
Hitler wasn't the antichrist, so time is running out! Sig Heil! Antichrist will come, fooling you just as Hitler fooled Germany into following him. Will you salute your new leader as easily? Just Beware! Prophecy does not come from man, but from God! So worship God, not man.

Time is of the essence, your time. What will you do with it? To promote your own agenda, or to lay down your agenda and seek God in the Bible?

He is there, to be sure, but will you find Him for yourself?

How ends WWII? Germany's defeat, holocaust reaveled! Anti-semitism leads to a Jewish State being formed in 1948.

Why did Hitler fail? As a christian, I can tell from history that it was not his time. Otherwise you would be living a German province. Natzi propaganda was infiltrating the USA and we would have succumbed if not for Biblical prophecy! It states that the Jewish nation would rise again and be blessed by God. Also, blinded by the occult was Hitler! (Yoda)

If Adolf Hitler had relied on General Rummel like he should have, global victory would have been within reach. D-day would have been foiled! Rummel was a millitary genius, Hitler was a political charismatic genius. If they had worked together, the world as we know it would not BE!

God is in control, the end won't come before it is allowed.

What am I saying? Hitler wasn't the antichrist he wanted to be. The last antichrist is still to come! Even now you can hear fools say that I willl help you, I will save you, I will be your messiah, therefore the last Antichrist is not reaveled yet. Even so that the elect will almost not recognise him! All end time theories devised by man will fizzle out.

Now look forward to Christ who is truth, and a sure confidence/(salvation) to the elect. Jesus spoke of those that were His, as the elect. Many distortions of scripture have come because the enemy of Christ is at work in the world, even until today. Theory of evolution, manmade religion, conspiracy theories, politics, UFO's, war on terrorism, and terrorism itself all
are part of the Demonic forces that lead people away from salvation in Jesus Christ. There are more things that I didn't list that will be against the nature of the work of Christ and God, you can tell.

If it seems bad or evil, it probably is. Now opposing this is; if it feels good, it must be good, so do it (the world's motto). Which is true? You might say "I'm in between", but to God there is no in between. You are either for God or against Him. Shades of grey are what mankind devises to procrastinate to coming unto God. Even though many christians are lurking in the grey areas, they shouldn't be.

posted on Jul, 27 2005 @ 02:07 AM
The 'antichrist' is the christian religion--man made theology. It's been here all along, 1600 years!


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