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Canada's future roll...

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posted on May, 7 2005 @ 02:21 PM
Regardless how Canadians feel about the war on terror we do have to play some sort of roll in the war or risk becoming irrellevant.

However, since most Canadians KNOW that this war is simply an excuse for the U.S. to go after all the countries they've been dying to finish off all these years.

So what do we do.. AS Canadians and AS a country? We're the U.S.'s neighbour and best buddy for trading hockey cards with but we can't support their 'efforts' to do what they are doing.. we already said NO to Missile Defence. So where does that leave us?

What happens if the big one breaks out (and its non-nuclear)?

As young Canadian men and women.. would YOU go fight along side the Unites Snakes if the big one broke out?

I have an idea. What would happen if we reconfigured ALL of our armed forces for ONLY peace and relief missions?

The tulip festival is about to start in Ottawa marking the begining of summer. You know why we have a 'tulip festival' (other then our continued trade with holland) every year? Because of our liberation of the dutch during the last big one! People do not forget the efforts of a peace maker.

How WOULD you configure your military for only relief work?

How do you turn a tank in to something that is usefull for saving lives?

Can we make bombs that spread food around?

How about that anyways? We have weapons manufactures. How about NEW technology to aid with relief work?

I mean you KNOW all the COOL STUFF that comes on your average military vehicle right? Look at the Striker for example. Imagine using one of those for work only to help rebuild towns and what not.. put a few of them in usefull locations ALL OVER a small country and you could basically replace the bombed out communications network with it.. therefore you could order supplies and medical stuff from place to place in a hurry... stuff like that.

I mean face it.. we can't fight any wars for anyone. Our specialised units can do that.. the ONLY other idea I had was..

Break down the military COMPLETELY. Form small to medium size divisions of highly specialised, highly trained soldiers for specific tasks .. kinda like rainbow 6 sorta thing.

Imagine.. you could spend HALF the amount of money on your military (even less) but still have a usefull roll in the world.. we could compliment any OTHER military.. we'd ALWAYS have the nicest new toys and tools while most grunt infantry units would find that very usefull to have around. And so you'd still have a very effective fighting force.. perhaps even one that could quickly train a whole bunch of others to be basic infantry.. so really we'd have a TRUE peacetime military.

Don't forget.. before WW2 countries very rarely had huge standing militaries. And I think THAT was the mistake we made after we developed the nuke .. we needed a HUGE infastructure to support the new technology and we 'expected' a surprise attack at any moment from Russia (like as if anyone would be that frelling insane to completely destroy the world just because the right opertunity came along.. crazyness) .. so we needed that army in place (er... the USA did.. when I say "WE".. but the "winning collalition" was all of us anyways right? all the democracys of the world). And I think its just gotten totally out of hand now. Right? The military industrial complex.. I wonder how "They" would handle it if we suddenly said ..

"Canada isn't going to play anymore.. you want to come and invade us, then please go ahead and try.. but we didn't piss anyone off so we can't imagine why you'd want to hurt us."

So why arm ourselves to the teeth anyways?

Maybe we could form a coalition of countries that absolutely are sick of spending money on guns and ammo.. sick of the killing.. sick of the fear of war.. so we just all agree to some sort of arbitraition (like the UN was SUPPOSE to be - yet immediately started a war against North Korea) .. and stop buying weapons.. period.

So if we could get like 20 or 30 countries to all agree that its a waste of money at this point... then all just stop simutainously.. leave the personel that are enlisted in and to serve as the people that take all the equipment and bases and do something usefull with it all.. and get paid for that for the time being... just.. all at the same time.. no more studying war..

.. just decide that war is some sickening # that we don't want to do anymore.

.. concidering there always seem to be people just pulling strings in the background to get everyone else going to do their killing for them.. there is just no point in it anymore.



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