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An attempt to prove time travel

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posted on May, 6 2005 @ 11:18 AM
First a Government would need to make a law that should that government ever achieve time travel that it must by law travel back to some date in the past and leave a message and some proof that time travel occured.

Then that government would need to build a room or building that none can acces with a light switch (or some means of alarm) that a future time traveler could access to let us know he was there.

Supposing in the future they do not want the past to gain time travel..
Now the time travel would be compeled to leave a message and some proof and set off the alarm to alert us of his visit after he leaves.

The proof could be simple things like predicting weather 100% or video of something in the future that we could verify.

This ATS sight could probably make a forum that is locked with a password and that password would be released 100 years from now. If ever that time travelers forum recieved a message we would know that time travel had occured.

Perhaps the password could be put in a time capsule to be put in a safe vault somewere to only be opend in 100 years or if a message appears in the forum...

Would be fun heh. Might be suseptible to hacking though.


posted on May, 6 2005 @ 11:31 AM
Im going to be hit hard for saying this but,, Proff of time travel is already at hand and wile the proff its self would be considered ciramstanchel theres much of it to show if you just know where to look.
PS time travelers try there darndest to NOT interfear with time . And most Of the time are able to make repairs but at times can not repair the damange they intervertintly do because of casualty . Meaning by trying to repair there interfearence they would be interfearing with them selfs .
as for the proff well all I can say its out there .
Ps the Most important aspect of time travel is not to be verfied as a traveler again because of casualty.
Ps a time mechine has excisted from the begining of time because once the first time it was used it cesed to excist in space and excisted in time ALL time.


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