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NASA Delays Space Shuttle Launch Till July (from ATSNN)

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posted on Apr, 29 2005 @ 12:37 PM
The launch of space shuttle Discovery, scheduled for May has now been rescheduled for July because of safety concerns, according to NASA officials. Michael Griffin, NASA Administrator says that the decision was made after managers looked at technical review over the past ten days. This will be the first shuttle mission since the the 2003 Columbia disaster.
"As a result of all that and in looking at the open analysis items and the small fixes that we need to make and some issues that arose during the tanking of Discovery ... the sum of all those things necessitates that we move out six or seven weeks," Griffin said.

He said NASA's position on the shuttle launch had remained consistent.

"We're going to return to flight, not rush to flight," said Griffin, who took over as NASA's boss on April 14.

William Readdy, associate administrator for NASA's space operations, said that there was concern with the fuel tank and that a heater may need to be added.

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This is sad news, I was really hoping for a May launch, I'm excited for NASA that they're trying to get back on track and that they want to get back into space, however I'm also very glad that they're not taking any unecessary chances.


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