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POLITICS: Reagan's Presidential Diaries to Be Published

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posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 03:36 AM
New York publishing giant HarperCollins has announced it plans to publish the the late U.S. President Ronald Reagan's personal diaries which he religiously kept for his entire eight years in office. The diaries were released to the publisher in an agreement with the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and will be published in 2006.
Publisher HarperCollins called Reagan's private journal "the most detailed presidential diaries in America's history," and said it had been seen only by a few people.

When Ronnie became president, he wanted to write it all down so we could remember these special times," Nancy Reagan said in the publishing house statement released on Tuesday.

"Each day during his eight years in the White House, Ronald Reagan recorded his innermost thoughts and observations in his personal diary," said Frederick J. Ryan, Jr., chairman of the board of trustees for the Reagan Presidential Foundation.

"Although they were not initially intended for publication, we feel that these volumes offer an unprecedented insight into the Reagan presidency," he said.

HarperCollins said the diaries, to be published in 2006, offered insights into historic events and the routine day-to-day life in the White House.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Officials for HarperCollins stated the publisher is still debating whether to publish the diaries in seperate volumes, or condensed into one book, and that some entries may be redacted on grounds of national security.

Many readers, myself included, will be most interested in the entries relating to the Iran Contra period and to the Reagan assassination attempt.

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posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 04:23 AM
This is good it will be interesting to see what mention there will be of the Iran-Contra affair. Moreover,
To see what George Bush senior had been up to. It would be nice to see them in seperate volumes. Or will they be edited to the extream so they only need a book.


1980 Bush becomes Reagan's vice presidential candidate. Runs as a right-winger again. William Casey forms a working group to prepare for possible Carter October political surprise. In early October, an Iranian official meets with three top Reagan campaign aides. All three deny memory of the meeting in subsequent proceedings.

1981 Reagan-Bush inaugurated. Hostages released moments before. Shortly thereafter, arms shipments to Iran resume from Israel and America. In July, an Argentinean plane chartered by Israel crashes in Soviet territory.
It is found to have made three deliveries of American military supplies to Iran. In a 1991 story in Esquire, Craig Unger quotes Alexander Haig as saying "I have a sneaking suspicion that someone in the White House winked." Says Unger: "This secret and illegal sale of military equipment continued for years afterwards."
James Baker named Reagan's chief of staff.
SEC filings for Zapata Oil for 1960-66 are found to have been "inadvertently destroyed."
Reagan authorizes CIA assistance to Contras.

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