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Dream where it wouldn't get dark

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posted on Apr, 27 2005 @ 02:16 PM
This isn't 'prophetic' of meaningful. Its something I noticed tho.

I have a dark room, well, I'm getting one ready. A dark room needs to be light-tight. The only source of light right now is the bottom of the door, I've been planning on taking care of it.

Anyway, a few days ago I have a dream where I am in the dark room, door closed, and I am taping (which isn't what you'd actually do) the edges of the door to make it light-tight. It should be pitch black to begin with, but instead it looks like there is a window with some soft 'sun setting' light filling the room. There is of course no window, and now matter what I do I can't get the room light tight. I even 'feel' like there is a window in one poistion, the light is setup like that, but of course there's nothing.

I've heard about how in truly lucid dreams, you don't just think you see colours and think people said stuff, but you actualy hear it, delusional like. But normally you don't dream in colour and don't actually hear anything.

I wonder if this is anything like that, in so far as not being able to have actual darkness in a dream?

posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 06:07 AM
Im no expert, but it sounds to me like maybe there is something bad going on and your trying to find the light but you dont know where it is.

I dont know about that whole color thing. All my dreams are in high definition color with surround sound

posted on Apr, 28 2005 @ 01:16 PM
No, the dream is not interperative. I had been planning on getting into the darkroom, for processing film and such, for a little while, so it popped up in my mind. Also, notice that, strangely, the issue is trying to make it dark. I suspect that the brain, since its dreaming, can't have complete darkness.

Has anyone here ever had a dream where they were in complete darkness? Until now I hadn't ever thought of it, but I don't think that I have. A dream is an image, can't have an 'image' of 'nothing', in a sense anyway.

Most of my dream appear to be in colour also. However, I have had some dreams where everything's been more or less one colour.

Also, technically, when you dream, you aren't seeing or hearing anything. In so called lucid dreams, I suppose sound is whats really important, and what happens is that the part of the brain responsible for processing sounds is activated. If you notice, often you don't hear anything in a dream, people don't so much as 'say' something to you as the meaning is communicated.

Thanks for the response and insight tho!


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