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Why Peak Oil? A way out?

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posted on Apr, 25 2005 @ 09:26 PM
Peak oil is just that. The beginning of the end.
Peak oil is that hair that breaks the camels back.

This is the crisis that will push the world over the edge that it has been inching closer to for the last two hundred years.

Fact: There is not an unlimited supply.
Fact: We cannot replace oil with a substitute in time.
Fact: Without oil, the world will revert to a general state that it was in 200 years ago and many will die.

Fact: It will never get that far.

Why not? Its never been wrong yet, so I will go with the bibles answer. A nuke war that starts in the mideast and ends in the US and Russia.

This leaves the EU, India, and China as the major players, and the oil supply untouched except for the US and Russia.
There will be shortages of everything and rationing will be instituted. They have used license plate numbers and house numbers for various rationings in my lifetime, but this time it will most likely be a tatoo and a chip.

So what can you do to protect yourself? Not much. This is the point that I would start telling you to read the bible or turn to Jesus, so I'll stop now, but you know the deal already.
Many might not like to hear it, but that is the way it will happen. Its never been wrong before.


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