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The Current Testament

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posted on Apr, 24 2005 @ 08:18 PM
why not have (a book or website) a place to put all the information about miracles and great stories about the christian faith that is happining NOW???

i mean, the stories of this religion did not stop after the new testament...

the faith is growing...

there are MANY "miracles" and REAL miracles that happined after the new testament was written...

lets tell the pope or whatever to make The Current Testament...

a place to put the stories of the faith, that are happining now, or at least, did happin AFTER the new testament...

what do you think???

posted on Apr, 24 2005 @ 11:06 PM
many people do not want to do it since sometimes theyare very personal. Mary never told everyone she was going to give birth to the savior, she kept it in her heart. There is no need for use to keep track of miricles, or keep tallys, since the last ones that needed to be done was done on the Cross. "It is finsihed"

There are those people who want to make themselves seem more righteous becasue they experaince powerful miricles.

For me it is a miricale every day to wake up in this time of grace I am given

posted on Apr, 25 2005 @ 06:54 PM

that is true too...

but wouldn't it be kool to have a current testament


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