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BNP's 'secret' manifesto launch

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posted on Apr, 24 2005 @ 09:36 AM

It was no coincidence that the British National Party chose St George's Day to launch their general election manifesto.

But there were no union flags or crosses of St George outside the Festival Hall in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, the back street Nottinghamshire venue the party had hired for the occasion.

Only the presence at the entrance of three thick-set security guards, dressed in identical black suits, suggested there might be anything unusual going on inside.

The BNP claimed not to be worried about disruption by anti-fascist protesters, but the location had not been revealed to media organisations until the early hours of Saturday, and then it was changed - twice.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

i still dont see why the BBC keeps focusing on the BNP for, BBC are treating them like the fourth largest party in the UK. I think its giving them more support by focusing on them more.

posted on Apr, 24 2005 @ 04:59 PM
They have some odd ideas, although, I was a bit perplexed that I at least saw a point in some of their arguments. Hopefully, not too many people will think that seeing their point equates to support mind you...

Here is some of their ideas:

Leader Nick Griffin also called for EU withdrawal, the restoration of capital punishment and an end to immigration.

He said British troops should be pulled out of Iraq and used to patrol Dover and the Channel Tunnel to keep out illegal immigrants and asylum seekers.

And he pledged to introduce "firm but voluntary incentives for immigrants and their descendants to return home".
Mr Griffin also wants the reintroduction of national service and said everyone who had undergone it should be required to keep a modern assault rifle at home.

"It's there to shoot burglars with if they want, it's there to shoot people who invade this country if they want, and if in the end a tyrannical government wants to usurp the rights and freedoms of the people it is there to use against the government as well," he said.

He added that this would disprove the "smear" that his party was totalitarian.

The BNP is fielding more than 100 candidates in this election - four times as many as it did in the last general election.

posted on Apr, 24 2005 @ 05:28 PM
IMO Nick Griffin is a sad example of a totally wasted very expensive education.......although after that business with is father ( no doubt his family don't quite see it that way.

The BNP are simply the ignorant cheap appeal to our worst instincts, sadly it seems people like that are always with us; thankfully, in the UK at least, it appears always to be on the outer fringes.

posted on Apr, 24 2005 @ 05:33 PM
Smink, I can;t seem to understand what his father did wrong in that article? He answered the phone? Prob me being stupid....

posted on Apr, 24 2005 @ 05:40 PM

Originally posted by stumason
Smink, I can;t seem to understand what his father did wrong in that article? He answered the phone? Prob me being stupid....

- No, you might think that but I couldn't possibly comment

I think he dug himself into a hole he was never going to get out of once he starting talking about how BNP and tory policies were identical.

As a senior local tory of many years standing (not to mention his obvious ultra close link to Nick and the BNP) he should have known much better than that and it does call into question his honesty in regard to his stated views.

He can''t help his son's career, fair enough, but a someone politically involved for decades and who must have had a degree of political savvy I'd say his comments about the policy similarity was the killer.

posted on Apr, 24 2005 @ 05:42 PM
Ahh. I see. It didn't seem to mention in there about what he actually did wrong, apart from pick up the phone as his wife was out.


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