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My Poltergeist

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posted on Apr, 17 2005 @ 01:21 AM
I wasn't sure wear to post this at first. I had written of an Alien experience in the UFO board and I was going to include this into the UFO and ET board as well but I'm not sure how to classify this. I'm not sure wheither it had a paranormal influence or an ET influence but I would like the readers opinions of the event...

Consistantly for weeks during the summer of 2000 or 2001 I had experienced many strange happenings at my new home. For instance, while I would be sleeping the blinds blanketing my bedroom windows would shake violently out of nowhere. The windows would not be open, the vent would not be pumping air. It seemed as if the blinds were being shaken violently by an unseen force.
There were other occurrences as well, but I will explain them in later posts (they had happend during the period of time when the blinds would "shake"). After a few weeks whatever was messing with blinds had ceased and I believed that it was all over. Well, to my dismay I was awaken one night to what appeared to be the sound of my window being pushed inward, from the outside. This I could not explain but it had thoroughly frightened me. There had been sounds almost sounding as if emitting from the walls of some sort of scratching noise.
Eventually I did sleep and when I woke I felt that it was all in my head. What I found out just moments later was that my window was broken. The screen was removed, lying on the ground beneath the window and the window pane seemed to have been pushed forward.

Though I have heard and experienced many noises and events in my house I have experienced aa good amount of events outside my house in which I'm really not sure wheither or not I'm looking in the right direction. I mean, am I the victim of Aliens or am is it that my house happens to be haunted?


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